Oksana Demyanchuk Immigration Adviser LondonImmigration Adviser OISC Level 3

Oksana is a Level 3 OISC registered immigration adviser and has demonstrable experience of working in the UK immigration industry.

Oksana obtained her first degree in Linguistics (English and German languages) from a reputable university followed by the Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Sunderland in September 2011. She provides advice on how to obtain the required documentation for the whole range of PBS and Family Migration applications and guides clients through completing the process. She is accustomed to liaising with authorities such as the Home Office and provides advice and services professionally and efficiently. She takes responsibility for the full immigration procedure, analyses each case individually and provides thorough assessments.

Oksana completed below courses:

  • DT 1643 The Detained Fast Track: the impact of the recent developments
  • DT 1644 Understanding the impact of trauma on a lawyer’s work
  • DT 1638 Article 8 update
  • DT 1629 Options for graduates
  • DT 1623 Judicial review following the Immigration Act 2014
  • DT 1627 Business Immigration Update
  • DT 1610 The Immigration Act 2014
  • DT Introduction to EU Free Movement Law
  • DT 1600 The death of the points-based system; the “genuineness” tests
  • DT 1568 The Immigration Act 2014
  • DT 1604 Tier 2 – Refresher and Update