Employ Foreign Nationals

Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship scheme to employ a non EU National to work in the UK

If you run a business, employing foreign nationals can seem like an almost impossible task. The good news is that we’re here to help and support you – employing foreign nationals has never been easier thanks to the service that we provide.

There are hundreds of reasons for you to consider employing foreign nationals, including the fact that individuals from overseas are often highly trained, possessing the skills your company requires. In order for you to employ a foreign national however, you must sponsor the worker, i.e. get or have a Sponsorship Licence.

The application process is completed in five steps, they are:

  1. You must first ascertain whether the job vacancy you’re recruiting for meets the Home Office’s skill and salary requirements.
  2. If you don’t already have a Sponsor License, you must apply for one.
  3. The job must be advertised for a minimum of 28 days within the UK (although some exceptions do apply.) If a UK-based applicant is not forthcoming, you can advertise and offer the vacancy to an overseas worker.
  4. You can now sponsor the worker.
  5. The worker must make their Tier 2 visa application from their home country or within the UK, if successful, they can now work for you.

These steps have been simplified and shortened, however we’ll be glad to explain them in more detail if you require.

Obtaining a Sponsor License

The second step of this process involves obtaining a Sponsor License. We will guide you through your online application for the Sponsor License, which takes less than one hour. You must then submit the documents and fee directly to the Home Office – your Sponsor License will then be granted.

The application process for the Sponsor License itself can be confusing and drawn out. As an employ we recognise you’ve got other tasks to be getting on with, so why not let us take care of your Sponsor License application for you instead?

How can we help you?

The services that we provide to clients trying to hire foreign nationals, include:

  • We will assess the compliance of your agreements with your Sponsor License obligations
  • We will assist with filling out the Sponsor License application
  • We can help to issue the Certificates of Sponsorship
  • We can assist with a migrant Tier 2 visa applications
  • We can help during the Sponsor License renewal process

We can take you through the entire foreign nationals employment process, step by step. We know it’s confusing and long-winded if you’ve never approached it before, but we have a team of employment experts that have been through the process on hundreds of occasions with other clients. We’ve got a strong track record of helping companies like yours to employ migrant workers.