Successful Administrative Review of ILR Refusal after Tier 1 Entrepreneur Leave

Sterling Law achieved a remarkable result in an administrative review process after our client was refused in indefinite leave to remain after Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

A client came to us having been living in the UK and running her business as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur for over five years. After all this time and investment, she had been refused indefinite leave to remain on the sole basis that the Home Office did not believe the job she had created for a settled worker was a full-time one.

The Home Office stated that her employee had been working a certain number of hours during the last two years; however, they did not explain how or why they had come to this conclusion.

After carefully poring over the figures together with Sterling & Beanland accountants, we came to the conclusion that the Home Office’s numbers did not add up. We, therefore, set to work with the accountants producing a spreadsheet to demonstrate our calculation, proving that our client’s employee was in fact working the required number of hours.

We set out our legal argument in our Grounds of Administrative Review and Sterling & Beanland provided an explanatory letter. Thanks to the careful co-operation of our two companies, the Administrative review was successful and our client was granted indefinite leave to remain.

The casework in this sensitive administrative review case was successfully handled by our senior immigration lawyer Josephine Smith (OISC Level 3).

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