Appeal withdrawn by the Home Office after reviewing the grounds and supporting documents

Due to the outstanding work of Oksana Demyanchuk and her team, another client of Sterling Law was saved from going through the lengthy and stressful appeal process. The Home Office withdrew the decision that was to be subject of appeal.

The appeal was due to be heard in November 2018. However, 3 months prior to the scheduled hearing date (in August 2018), the Home Office withdrew their decision. This was done upon reviewing the documents submitted in support of the appeal.

In doing so the Home Office instructed that leave to remain should be granted to our clients.

The Home Office conceded that the original decision was not appropriate and appeal should be withdrawn accordingly. It was down to the strength of the grounds of appeal drafted by Oksana Demyanchuk and her team.

The clients had originally applied for leave to remain in the UK on private and family life grounds. Their 2 children were born in the UK and have lived in the country for over 7 years continuously. The parents therefore asserted that it would be unreasonable for the family to leave the UK.

The initial application was refused and an appeal against the decision was lodged

The grounds asserted that in particular, there were no powerful reasons that required the removal of the children and so the decision was unlawful. An appeal bundle with countless documentary evidence was provided to the Home Office. Upon review of the documents together with the grounds of appeal, it was decided that a grant of leave was appropriate.

This excellent news mean that the clients will not be required to go through the costly and stressful process due to the hard work and dedication of Oksana Demyanchuk and her team.


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