Bringing a child to the UK under sole responsibility route

Our client is a child living in Uzbekistan. She wishes to come to the UK to live with her mother, who is already settled in the UK. However, our client’s father still lives in the country of her origin. Most of the time, cases where only one parent is settled in the UK, it is really challenging to prove that the parent in question has sole responsibility for their child’s upbringing, especially when the other parent is still alive. Such cases, therefore, are associated with high refusal rates and costly and time-consuming appeal processes.

The greatest challenge in such cases is providing sufficient evidence that a parent indeed has sole responsibility for the child.

Oksana Demyanchuk and Michael Carter have advised on the required evidence to our client, prepared and submitted the application on the applicant’s behalf following which Indefinite Leave to Enter was granted in the first instance, as the Entry Clearance Officer was satisfied that the mother has sole responsibility for her child’s upbringing in light of all the evidence provided.

Oksana and Michael provided evidence to show that the child is not leading an independent life, and they provided evidence that the mother has been continuously providing financial and emotional support to the child. Furthermore, they showed that the father has no bearing in regard to the child’s upbringing, and the child’s grandparents do not have control over the child’s daily decisions.

Since the Home Office did not refuse our client’s application, she has effectively saved her time and money by not appealing the Home Office’s decision in case they refused her application.

Our client can now happily join her mother and able to live in the UK.

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