Dispute Resolution

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In every dispute, we aim for resolutions as quickly as possible to keep the cost to you as low as possible. Sometimes your dispute may end in court proceedings. Amongst the areas that we assist with are:

  • Debt recovery and money claims
  • Disputes over professional services/negligence
  • Consumer claims for goods and services purchased
  • Rent arrears & landlord/tenant disputes, including claims for possession, disputes over deposits and service charges
  • Property disputes over boundaries, walls, fences, etc; trespassing or nuisance actions
  • Education-related issues involving academic institutions
  • Sports law
  • Defamation (see related page)

Business Litigation and Disputes

Sterling Law understands the different sensitivities and requirements of clients engaged in private or corporate disputes.

Our ability to develop a rapid understanding of a client’s needs, and to adapt to evolving positions, allows us to take a commercially sensible and strategic approach to resolving disputes.

We have the skills our clients require to fight a range of contentious cases; whether through correspondence, mediation, arbitration or at trial.

Amongst the areas that you may require advice in business, whether you are claiming or defending.