Covid-19: Delays in decision-making

As the Covid-19 situation progresses, the UK has entered into a complete lock-down. This means that not only bars, cafes and restaurants got closed but also governmental organisations have shortages of workers or are closed. Furthermore, the immigration tribunals have temporarily closed.

This means that the clients who have applied for visas or are waiting for a decision from a Home Office or immigration tribunal should be expecting severe delays. However, this will not have any negative effect on you. All the enforcement actions have also been stopped and the authorities cannot ask you to leave the UK. Furthermore, even if your decision is a refusal, the timeframe for appeal would only start from the moment we receive that decision.

It is very likely that you will not hear from the Home Office or the immigration tribunal in the upcoming months. We are doing everything we can for our clients, these absolutely exceptional circumstances are not under the control of legal representatives.

If your visa is about to expire or has expired already and you were expecting to receive a decision from the Home Office, all the visas can be extended until 30 May 2020 if you are unable to travel home because of the closure of borders or self-isolation.

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