Covid-19: Landlords’ and tenants’ rights

On 26th March the UK government brought forward a package of measures aimed at protecting tenants who were financially affected by the coronavirus.

According to this document, the following provisions will apply in the next three months:

1 – Landlords will not be able to evict tenants from the rental housing;

2 – If landlords decide to terminate tenancy agreements, they will have to notify their tenants at least 3 months prior to the termination. In case of a dispute, landlords will not be able to initiate legal proceedings to evict tenants before the end of this period. These measures will be valid until 30th September, and may be extended if necessary;

3 – Starting on 27th March the court suspended all ongoing cases of eviction of tenants from rental housing. Both ongoing cases and new lawsuits will not proceed to the eviction stage. This provision will be valid for 90 days and will be extended, if necessary. It applies to both tenants and those with a mortgage.

4 – Tenants shall fulfil their obligations to pay rent;

5 – If tenants face financial problems, they should discuss it with their landlords and try to negotiate alternative arrangements;

If landlords do not agree to reduce or defer the rent, tenants can apply for the State support:

– The government allocated 500 million GBP to support families facing financial difficulties;

– The government also introduced the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to cover up to 80% of the salaries of affected workers;

– Both Universal Credit and Housing Allowance will be increased, and starting in April, Local Housing Allowance will cover at least 30% of the rent in each region;

– Landlords will be protected by a 3-month mortgage payment holiday.


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