Tier 2 Dependent Entry-Clearance Success for Unmarried Partner

Just this week, the Home Office gave the all-clear for an entry-clearance to our client as an unmarried partner from Ukraine. The casework in this representative matter was led by Jelena Ivanova, Immigration lawyer (OISC Level 3).

What makes this case more interesting is that it serves as a positive example for many young couples who wish to relocate to join their partners currently residing in the UK, without bearing all the restrictions of being married.

This is a hopeful success story. The client’s partner received a job offer in the UK and was granted a a Tier 2 (General) visa to come to the UK. Our client did not wish to separate from her partner for an uncertain period of time and thus, applied for a Tier 2 (General) dependent visa as an unmarried partner. Our client and her partner have been in a relationship for more than 2 years, with no immediate plans to get married as they are a young couple who wish to focus first on developing their relationship together by spending time with each other. A phenomenon which is becoming increasingly popular. There is now a significant increase in immigration applications being received that are for the Applicant to join or be sponsored by their unmarried partner currently residing or working in the UK.

For our client, an unexpected matter in this case is that whilst in the Ukraine, our client had lived together with her partner at his parents residence. The evidence of cohabitation for at least 2 years that was subsequently provided in support of this application was of a limited nature. It was simply a witness statement from the client’s partner’s mother attesting that they were living together, accompanied by a copy of the tenancy agreement of their Ukrainian residence.

Unmarried Partner Applications

Note that in such applications the general rule for unmarried partner applications is that evidence of cohabitation must be provided for at least 2 years. However, it is true that residency and accommodation arrangements between couples or partners may vary depending on the country the Applicant(s) have previously resided in.

Therefore, it need not necessarily be the same as in the UK. In these events, alternative and convincing evidence can and have been considered as proof of the relationship of unmarried partners by the Home Office.

This successful case of Sterling & Law Associates reasserts that entry-clearance to the UK for couples is not limited to Applicants being married partners. There are many successful cases such as this, where alternative routes and applications exist for unmarried couples to gain UK entry-clearance.

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