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  • Dismissal due to coronavirus
  • Sick pay, sick leave, self-isolation rights during coronavirus outbreak
  • Rights of 0-hour contract workers, agency workers

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COVID-19 has affected everyone’s working life, and people are wondering what the implications are for their businesses and jobs.
Important questions that arise in the world of employment law:  

Can employers just terminate the jobs of their employees because of the economic impact of COVID-19?
Can employers temporarily ‘lay-off’ employees? In what circumstances. And for how long? With or without pay?
Can employers make employees redundant? What payment are employees entitled to, if any?

Dismissals are the area of employment law that give rise to the greatest number of potential legal claims. If you are dismissed, or threatened with being dismissed, it is important to be guided properly by an experienced solicitor to protect your rights. In the past our solicitors have managed to negotiate high compensation payments for our clients.

No employee should have to put up with unpleasant behaviour of colleagues. If you believe your are a victim of bullying or harassment, get in touch. Such behaviour could constitute a breach of your contract, and you may be entitled to a compensation.

It is unlawful to discriminate against anyone either at work or in the provision of services. This protection against discrimination comes from the Equality Act 2010. If you believe you are being discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, religion & beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or anything else, contact us for hel

Concerned about your non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement? Such agreements may have a significant impact on your future. Moreover, not always are such agreements lawful and valid. Protect yourself and your future. Speak to our lawyer now.

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Our client was employed as a bus driver and had 18 years of continuous employment. He had a clean record with no warnings or incidents.


Calls to our phones increased dramatically. In fact, thousands of employers contacted Sterling Law regarding legislation relating to Covid-19, such as furlough procedure.


During these times many directors will have to make an uneasy decision to furlough members of staff. In this scenario, employers have to follow a certain procedure.