Family Re-united: British Nationality granted to Georgian Child

Sterling Law has had a good term of successes and once again we reign triumphant. This time in our case against the Home Office for our clients, the parents of a 4-year old child born in the UK but with an undetermined immigration status. At such a young age, and at only 3-5 years old, the child unfortunately has had to endure forced separation from his parents after leaving the UK to reside with his grandmother in Georgia.

The child’s mother became settled in the UK last year and lives in the UK with her father. Therefore, at the point the child was in Georgia with his grandmother, he was deprived of the care of either of his parents.

At three years old, his care and welfare became jeopardised due to the deterioration of his grandmother’s health.

His grandmother, an elderly person is no longer able to look after the child after suffering from serious health problems and so it was imperative he was reunited with his parents as those responsible for his care.

Parents of the child sought advice from several law companies, however, were told that no such law exists allowing to win such an appeal.

Sterling Law, confident of the merits of the case, assisted our clients with application for naturalisation for their child. As such, the law states the requirements for registration as a British citizen by birth in the UK to a parent(s) who is now settled in the UK, in accordance with the British Nationality Act 1981, Section 1(3). The child was therefore eligible to register as a British citizen.

We are proud to state that the child has now been granted British Nationality and has been duly reunited with both his parents in the UK.


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