First-tier Tribunal allows EEA Appeal on the spot

It is with great pleasure that we announce the First-tier Tribunal allowed yet another appeal on the spot. This was a welcoming and fantastic result for our client! Our successful Immigration lawyer Oksana Demyanchuk handled the matter.

In this case, the client had applied for permanent residence under the EEA Regulations as the former family member of an EEA national. The client was previously married to an EEA national but had since divorced. An application was therefore made on the basis that they had retained their right of residence in accordance with the EEA Regulations. 

The client had also been living in the UK in accordance with the EEA Regulations for 5 years. So Oksana’s team submitted an application for permanent residence on the basis that the client had retained their right of residence in the UK. 

The Home Office refused the application due to the following:

The client has failed to show that they met all the requirements of a person who has retained their right of residence in the UK in accordance with the EEA Regulations. 

Appeal against the decision of the Home Office

Oksana Demyanchuk then took over the case. She prepared the appeal and submitted all the relevant evidence to the Tribunal and Home Office.

At the appeal hearing, the First-tier Tribunal Judge found the following:

The client did, in fact, meet all the requirements of the EEA Regulations. (In respect to both retained rights of residence and permanent residency). Accordingly, the Immigration Judge allowed the appeal on the spot. The Judge’s decision reflects the hard-work and comprehensive approach in preparing for the appeal by Oksana Demyanchuk and her team. 

This result is brilliant news for our client, who can now rest easy knowing that their immigration matter has come to a successful conclusion.  


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