Home Office reconsider their refusal of our client’s ILR application

A freedom of information request shows in 2018 that the Upper Tribunal rejected 900 out of 1,235 referrals for further appeal made by the Home Office. It means 75% of the total asylum seekers and migrants who wants to stay in the UK are put to an immeasurable amount of stress and trauma from the lengthy and expensive court processes.

Our client, a Russian national, entered the UK as a student in 2006. She has been living in the UK for 13 years. Since then, she has been studying, received her PhD and made a positive contribution to the community by paying her tax contributions and by volunteering in various charity work.

In 2019, she applied herself for ILR (indefinite leave to remain) based on her 10-years long residence. However, Home Office refused her application on the grounds that for a brief period during her stay in the UK, she had broken her 10 years’ continuous lawful residence.

She then approached Sterling Law, and in particular Oksana Demyanchuk, to appeal the Home Office’s decision in the First-Tier Tribunal (IAC).

Two days prior to the hearing, the Home Office wrote the Tribunal and our client stating that they are withdrawing their decision against our client’s case with a view to granting our client.

They further stated in the letter that:

“…Upon reviewing the applicant’s bundle, the SOS’s decision for the appellant is no longer sustainable and the appellant’s case will need to be reconsidered with a view to grant

It is very rare for the Home Office to withdraw their decisions, however, due the efforts made by Oksana Demyanchuk and Michael Carter in preparing our client’s bundles, Home Office’s decided that the original decision was unsustainable and saw no other option than to withdraw it.

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