Law Society Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Achieved

We are delighted to announce that several members of Sterling Law team successfully completed assessment under the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme (IAAS) which covers all immigration and asylum advice and services work.

Our lawyers Josephine Smith, Jelena Ivanova, Nozima Rakhimjonova, Inna Semeniuk and Solomiya Boyar received their successful exam results from Central Law Training in August 2018 and now are in process of completing their membership registrations with the Law Society.


What is the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation?

This accreditation was introduced by the Law Society and is a mandatory requirement for immigration practitioners who wish to undertake publicly funded advice and receive payment under a Legal Aid Agency (LAA) contract in the immigration and asylum category.

The immigration and asylum law accreditation provides recognised quality standards for asylum practitioners. It is designed to cover all aspects of asylum law. Accreditation covers all practitioners providing advice under a legal aid contract and can be used as a quality mark for privately funded work.

By completing the assessment, the practitioners showed that they have achieved the required level of competence and knowledge in this area of law as defined by the Law Society.

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