Citizenship by Investment

UK and Maltese Citizenship by Investment

At Sterling & Law Associates LLP, we’ve got a team of expert citizenship and immigration lawyers on hand to help you navigate through the maze of obtaining citizenship and/or a permanent visa to reside in the UK or Malta.

In the past, we’ve helped hundreds of clients to obtain citizenship in the UK. Our experience and close attention to detail are vital to the quality, consistent results that we deliver to our clients. If you’re confused by the requirements and application process for citizenship by investment, let us help you.

UK citizenship by investment

The UK citizenship by investment scheme is fairly straightforward on the face of things. Applicants must have at least £2,000,000 available to invest.

Accelerated permanent residence visas are issued under circumstances, but investors must have £5,000,000 or more to invest, in order for the citizenship to be obtained in three years or less. Investors must also remain in the UK for a fixed period of time before residency is granted.

Malta citizenship by investment

The Malta citizenship scheme was revamped in November 2013 – the new style scheme allows up to 1,800 applicants to invest upwards of 1.15 million Euro in Malta, in order to obtain Maltese citizenship.

Various criteria determine an applicants’ eligibly to enrol on the Malta citizenship by investment scheme, they include:

  • A contribution to the national development and social fund of 650,000 Euro is required
  • Property purchase of minimum 350,000 Euro, or a rental contract worth 16,000 Euro per annum, with a minimum rental term of five years
  • Minimum 150,000 Euro investment in approved bonds and shares
  • Clean criminal record in the applicant’s country of origin
  • Good health

There are other criteria that applicants must meet, too. If you’d like to find out more about the eligibility criteria laid out for the Malta citizenship application, we’ll be glad to discuss the scheme in more detail with you. We’re here to help you through every stage of the process.

The advantages and perks associated with having a Maltese passport include visa-less travel throughout the European Union. Maltese passport holders also benefit from the visa waiver scheme when traveling to the USA.

For more information about UK citizenship by investment, or Malta citizenship by investment, please contact us.