Invasive Home Office visits led to an outrageous allegation and revocation of EEA Residence card

Home Office is set up to protect the UK against terrorist attacks, to provide public safety to its citizens, and to control immigration. Powers has been granted by the UK government to ensure that the Home Office can act accordingly to their purpose. However, what happens when those powers have completely disregarded a person’s well-being?

Our client, a Ukrainian national married a Lithuanian national in 2012. They were happily married until 2016 when they started having marital problems. Amid their troubled marriage, our client’s Residence card was revoked by the Home Office after an unsuccessful application for his Permanent Residence card.

Home Office decided to revoke our client’s Residence Card because they considered marriage was one of convenience. 

The basis of this decision came from when Immigration Officers visited the client’s marital home:

· When the Immigration Officers found that our client was having marital problems, they quickly insinuated that their marriage was not genuine.

· Immigration Officers outrageously alleged that our client is homosexual, solely based on his previous holiday photographs displayed in his room.

The decision was made after they repeatedly harassed our client’s non-English speaking mother, despite knowing her ongoing heart and mental issues. Moreover, the client was waiting for the appeal decision when he was unlawfully detained at the border whilst he was returning to the UK.

Our lawyers in Sterling law helped our client’s bail application and he was subsequently released. Notably, Nozima Rakhimjonova, representing Sterling law, has relentlessly argued at the Upper Tribunal that there was an error of law in our client’s case. She helped our client despite the lack of evidence to his case caused by him seeking legal assistance at a very late stage.

Nozima Rakhimjonova, successfully appealed the Home Office’s decision and proved that our client’s marriage was genuine. Our client was subsequently issued with a Permanent Residence card and now enjoys living in the UK without the risk of being sent back home by the Home Office.

Dealing with Immigration Officers in your immigration issue can be stressful. That is why it is essential to seek legal advice early on to ensure that your case is represented in its best merits. Our lawyers in Sterling Law can help you with any immigration issues, no matter how complex your case may be.

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