What to expect during premium service appointment at Home Office (Croydon)

If you are already in the United Kingdom, you have an option to apply with your immigration application to the Home Office in person at a premium service (same day) centre to:

  • extend your stay (visa) – limited leave to remain
  • settle permanently (indefinite leave to remain)

Here is a brief outline of the procedure that all applicants have to pass through at the Premium Service Centre of the Home Office in Croydon. The process will take the following stages.

Preparation for the appointment

Please make sure you complete and sign the application form and bring it to your appointment. You will also need to print our booking confirmation and checklist, and bring your supporting documents. Make sure have certified translations of any documents that are not in English or Welsh.

You should also bring photocopies of your documents, as this will help speed up the application process.

Step 1: Arrival at Croydon Premium (same day) Service Centre

You must arrive to the Home Office Premium Service Centre 15 minutes before your appointment for a security check.


Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road

After the security check on the ground floor, you must report to the reception desk on the 3d floor.

Step 2: Reception (3d floor)

It is recommended to report to the reception desk not earlier than 10 minutes before the time of your appointment. At the reception desk all applicants have to provided completed application form together
all necessary supporting documents for your visa application.

At this stage the basic checks are done on the application to ensure it is ready for the Case Registration Officer. These checks consist of ensuring the application form is signed/valid, payment has been made, and that passport/visa information is available.

Once these checks have been done, you will be given a ticket number and advised to have a seat in the customer waiting area on the same 3d floor and listen out for your ticket number to be called on the automated system.

Step 3: Case Registration

Once your ticket number has been called please proceed to the relevant counter on the same 3d floor.

At this stage, the officers will upload your application onto immigration databases and you will be asked to arrange your supporting documentation for your application/photocopies in preparation for the Immigration Caseworker to review.

Once completed, you will be asked to take a seat and listen out for your ticket number to be called again.

Step 4: Biometric Enrollment

When your ticket number is called, you should proceed with all documents through the glass door at the end of the the room to the relevant counter. Biometrics consist of submitting your fingerprints, a signature and a photograph but the process will vary slightly for children under the age of 16. The biometrics you submitted will then be verified against immigration/police databases.

This process will takes less than 5 minutes. It doesn’t involve any ink or mess.

Then the Biometric Officer will take all your documents and pass them to the Immigration Caseworker for consideration and decision making.

After this stage you can either stay in the building in the waiting area or to go outside for a short time. If you wish to go outside, please make sure your leave your mobile phone number with the Biometric Enrolment Officer and keep your phone switched on so the immigration officers can reach you.

Step 5: Case Allocation and Consideration

Your application and supporting documents will be allocated to a Immigration Caseworker and a decision is normally made on the application during the day. The time for consideration varies depending on the type of the application, personal circumstances of the applicant and workload of the Immigration Officers at the premium service centre.

Step 6: Return of Documents

Once the decision is made, you will be called to collect your documents and application decision letter.

If your application has been approved, a BRP card would have already been ordered by the Immigration Caseworker and you can expect to receive it via nominated courier service within the next 10 working days.

If your application has been refused, the Immigration Caseworker will explain the reasons why.

Same Day Decision

As a Premium  Service Centre it aims to provide a SAME DAY DECISION to all applications. However, please note that under certain circumstances it may not be possible for the Immigration Caseworkers to make a same day decision. This can happen in case:

  • Home Office requires further documentation or information from the applicant in order to make a decision
  • Further checks are required or pending
  • IT issues are preventing the Home Office from making a decision.

If the Home Office is not able to make a same day decision, you will be notified of this as soon as practically possible.

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For expert advice and assistance in relation to your particular case and relevant immigration law requirements, please contact our immigration lawyers on tel. +44(0)20 7822 8535, mobile: 07305848477 or by e-mail: contact@sterling-law.co.uk or via our online appointment booking form.