Sole Responsibility Refusal Successfully Appealed in One Month

Another fantastic result for Sterling and Law Associates at the appeal hearing today. The case concerned 4 years old child who was refused UK visa to join her mother and stepfather in the UK. The reason for refusal was the issue of sole responsibility, despite the fact that child does not know her biological father.

As a result of unjust refusal by the Home Office, the little girl was separated from her mother and step-father and was temporary left under the care of her elderly grandmother, in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately, the grandmother was unable to properly look after child because of her health problems.

The appeal process usually takes 10-12 months from lodging the appeal until the successful outcome. However, in this case it was clear that any delay would have a negative effect on the child’s well-being.

When clients instructed Sterling and Law Associates in March 2018, our team worked really hard  to expedite the appeal and to achieve the positive outcome as soon as possible. The hearing was heard today, only 4 weeks after lodging the appeal, and the appeal was allowed almost immediately after just 15 minutes.

As a result, the child can finally be reunited with her parents in the UK without having to wait for the prolonged period of the appeal process.

The casework on behalf of Sterling & Law Associates LLP was handled by the immigration lawyer (OISC Level 3) Jelena Ivanova.

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