Sterling Law appealed a complex EEA deportation case

EEA nationals have special rights confined unto them under EU law. In particular, EEA

nationals have the right to freedom of movement. This means that all EEA nationals and

their respective family members are allowed to move and reside freely within the territory

of the Member State. However, these special rights can be stripped away by a Member

State, if they think that an EEA national pose a risk to public security and public policy.


Our client, a Polish national, entered the UK in 2006 in the hope of a better life. He worked

continuously, and in March 2015, our client acquired rights of permanent residence

and lived in the UK since. His parents and siblings have managed to settle in the UK. He also

met his partner in the UK, and a child was born in 2016. He is happily living in the UK until July 2018, where a deportation order was made against him.

The Secretary of State has sent a deportation order against him on serious grounds of public


He had a few driving offences when he was younger, which led him to spend time in prison.

He also had one offence for possession of an offensive weapon.

The Secretary of State concluded that our client represents a genuine, present and

sufficiently serious threat to the fundamental interests of society and that there is a risk of

repetition of that conduct.

This conclusion was made despite the client’s good character in his probation officer’s

report and completing a rehabilitation program.

The Secretary of State did not regard the fact that our client has already lived in the UK for

12 years, and also that he will be homeless if he returns to Poland.

Our lawyers in Sterling Law, helped our client appeal his deportation order in the Upper

Tribunal. We argued that our client has the right to a higher status of protection against

deportation under an EU Directive. We successfully nullified the Secretary of State’s

deportation order. Furthermore, this case now acts as a future benchmark to other

deportation cases against EEA nationals with a previous prison sentence.

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