Sterling Law is proud to stand for the rights of families not to be separated by the faulty actions and decisions of Immigration Officers.


Our client, a national of Georgia, was refused an EEA residence card on the grounds that her marriage is not genuine. The Home Office relied heavily on three facts in making the decision:

    1. Our client’s poor immigration history:
      • she overstayed her visit visa and was working illegally in the UK;
      • she was detained 2 months before her marriage and later released on bail.
    1. An Immigration Officer’s visit to our client’s previous address.
    2. Our client’s failure to attend marriage interviews.

Nevertheless, Sterling Law successfully appealed this decision. Despite several inconsistencies in the evidence of the appellant and the sponsor about certain aspects of their life together and our client’s poor immigration history, the Judge was satisfied that the marriage is genuine. Thus, the appeal was allowed.


In Sterling Law, we know how disappointing it is for a genuine couple to receive a visa refusal on the grounds that the Home Office believes your marriage is a sham. Contact us should you have this problem.


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