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National Insurance Number Application Status Check

A National Insurance Number (NIN) is unique to an individual and a personal account number used throughout someone’s life to ensure National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and tax are accurately recorded. It is also a reference number for Social Security benefits and Tax Credits. Currently, there is no online system available for the National Insurance Number application status check.

However, the status of your application can be checked directly with the JobCentre Plus Office as described below.

When to Apply for National Insurance Number

A person must register for a NINo if they:

  • have never registered before, and
  • are aged 16 or over, and
  • are either:

(i) resident in the United Kingdom, and

(ii) are employed and/or self-employed, or

(iii) are likely to have some NI involvement in the near future for example, pay or be credited with NI contributions

(iv) are aged 18 or over and undertaking a course of training which has been approved by the Secretary of State for example, Work Based Learning for Adults, Work Based Learning in Wales, courses arranged by Local Enterprise Councils (LECs) in Scotland

(v) have claimed or are a partner in a claim to:

  • Attendance Allowance
  • Bereavement Benefit
  • Carer’s Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Disability Living Allowance (except special rules cases)
  • Disabled Persons Tax Credit
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Retirement Pension
  • Note: This list is not exhaustive

(vi) or are not resident in the UK, and

  • are liable or entitled to pay Class 1 or Class 2 contributions, or
  • want to and would benefit from paying Class 3 voluntary contributions.

Why to Apply for National Insurance Number

Although all NIN applications, and subsequent decisions, will be based on the applicant’s entitlement and their business need for a NIN, the applicant might state that they need a NIN for a particular purpose.

Reasons for application: 

  • employment
  • benefit claims
  • student loan applications
  • Personal Equity Plans
  • Individual Savings Accounts (ISA)
  • payment of tax on bank or building society interest
  • stakeholder pensions
  • being able to pay voluntary contributions.

National Insurance Number Application Status Check

After the interview held at the JobCentre Plus the application will be processed by the Decision Making Unit of the Department for Work and Pensions based in Glasgow. If there is a doubt about the application, a doubt notification will be sent and the National Identity Unit who will then decide to allocate or refuse a National Insurance Number to the applicant.

The application review process usually takes up to 4 weeks. If you have not heard from the JobCentre Plus for more than one month, it is recommended to contact the Decision Making Unit directly for the National Insurance Number application status check.

Contact JobCentre Plus in Glasgow to check your application status:

Phone: 080 0141 2079

Hotline: 0345 600 0643

Text tel: 0845 0608 8551

Fax: 0845 641 5075


Glasgow Portcullis (LN) JobCentre Plus Office

5th Floor, Portcullis House, 21 India Street,

Glasgow, G2 4PH

For more information on the National Insurance Number please visit the Government’s web-page.


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