Sponsorship Certificates Update: Tier 2 Minimum Salary Threshold Reached £60,000

On 29 June 2018, the Home Office published an update on allocations of restricted certificates of sponsorship.

According to the official statement, the June allocation meeting took place on 11 June.

All valid applications received by 5 June were successful if they scored at least 60 points which means the Tier 2 cap salary threshold reached the record figure of £60,000.

The figures on the number of allocated sponsorship certificates is available on the Home Office’s web-page as at 28 June 2018. The next monthly allocation meeting date is 11 July 2018.

Recent changes to the Immigration Rules: Tier 2 General 

Changes have being made to exempt doctors and nurses from the Tier 2 (General) limit. This is in response to the particular shortages and pressures facing the NHS at the current time, and the fact that the limit has been oversubscribed in each month since December 2017.

These changes to the Immigration Rules will come into effect on 6 July 2018.

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