UK Visas Scam in the Philippines

Filipinos are continuously being targeted and victimised of the UK Visa scam in the Philippines, an ongoing epidemic for many years.

The British Embassy in Manila released a statement warning Filipinos how to suspect a scam.

Some individuals may claim to be a member or an officer of the Immigration department in the UK, or will result to social media for communication such as, emails, skype or Facebook. The scam is often composed of false employment contracts and client care letters explaining the procedure and their fees.

After being persuaded via Skype or telephone calls discussing the fake job vacancies, the fraudsters will explain how you will be required to pay the necessary fees. The scam becomes successful unless caught, as soon as the victims have made a deposit, often via Western Union or Money gram and the rest is history. Fake documents such as, British Passports, letter from Home Office or Entry Clearance Visa are released to the victims for re-assurance and to portray a realistic approach.

Sterling & Law Associates LLP were approached by individuals in the Philippines enquiring the validity of the documents they were given. These documents were reviewed and assessed, it was apparent that the contract of employment, emails, British Passport and Entry Clearance visas were fake, as they did not go through the necessary procedure.

It is strongly advised for Filipinos to seek assistance from the British Embassy in Manila before any further actions are to be taken, and especially when you are being required to deposit sum of money.

Alternatively, you can find out the legitimacy of the job in the website.

If you would like to check whether a company in the UK is willing to employ you, you can check on Companies House whether the company is registered and legitimate.

Companies House:

Once you are satisfied that you found your employer on Companies House, you need to check whether they have a Sponsor License. The Sponsor License allows a company to issue a certificate of sponsorship as part of the requirement in applying for your work permit.

Registered of licensed sponsors: workers:

There are only two locations in the Philippines where you can go to submit your application for visas to the UK, in Manila and Cebu.

VFS Global:

For more details and assistance please contact Nollienne Alparaque by e-mail: or call on 078 1276 9389 or 020 7822 8535.