US Investor Visa (EB-5)

EB-5 Immigration Program to the USA

This immigration programme allows allows foreign nationals to obtain a U.S. residency (Green Card) through investment. Below we provide the summary of the key requirements and steps for obtaining EB-5 Investor Visa.

EB-5 requirements:

  • Investment of $500,000
  • Creation of 10 NEW jobs (full-time)
  • Legal source of invested funds
  • Eligible to be an immigrant (medical exam, criminal background check, etc.)

How long does it take?

  • 16-28 months – Temporary Green Card
  • 3-5 years – Permanent Green Card
  • 5-7 years – Return of the Investment

EB-5 immigration steps

Step 1 (2 months prep + 16 months wait time)

  • Prepare lawful source of funds documents
  • Select project & invest
  • File an I-526 petition for a Conditional Green Card

Step 2 (6 months)

After the I-526 is approved undergo consular processing or an adjustment of status to receive a Green Card

Step 3 (2 months prep + 18 wait time)

Two years after obtaining the initial Green Card file petition I-829 to remove conditions (must show that the investment remains in place, the project was built and the jobs were created)

Two ways to make an EB-5 investment

DIRECT:  A foreign national can invest into his own business and create 10 jobs.

THROUGH REGIONAL CENTER: Investor can invest into a Regional Center – an entity that develops the business, creates 10 jobs and prepares documentation for USCIS.

Typical Fund Sources & Evidence

Employment income (salary, bonuses, etc.) – personal tax returns, employee tax returns, pension fund/social security statements AND letters from employer

Business income / dividends – business and personal tax returns (or audited financials), company registration documents, stock certificates evidencing ownership

Sale of real estate / assets – sale contract, purchase contract, ownership documents (title), property appraisal

Gift – gift documents AND must show the lawful source of the donor’s funds

Loan – loan agreement showing that the loan is fully secured by the borrower’s personal property, personal property appraisal

Corporate loan (shareholder’s loan secured w/ company stock) – loan agreement showing that the loan is secured by the borrower’s share in the company, company/stock ownership documents, company financials showing that the borrower’s share in the company is worth more than the loan amount

Inheritance – death certificate AND inheritance documents (wills, court disposition, attorney letters showing the inheritance transfer, etc.)

Watch video presentation on EB-5 Investor Visa (in Russian)