Using unauthorised immigration services

We would like to warn our clients that there are many visa companies offering their services, however, unfortunately, not all of them are operating lawfully. 

Here at Sterling Law we are dealing with an increasing number of visa refusals issued because of our clients trusted such companies to submit documents on their behalf.

Unfortunately, many agencies find it acceptable to alter documents, such as bank statements without event telling their clients. 

Shakir Hussain assisted by Aliya Rimshelis, Immigration Lawyers at Sterling Law, resolved a spouse visa refusal at the appeal stage. 

Background of the Case:

Our client applied for the UK visitor visa 9 years ago. She sought advice from a visa agency in Ukraine as her English was not good enough to complete the online application form herself. The agency assisted her with documents preparation and completion of all the relevant papers. Her application was however refused. The agent collected documents from the visa centre and explained to our client that they refused solely because she did not have enough evidence. The refusal letter was not provided to our client. Like others who thought that the Home Office could refuse without a reason, just because they are not satisfied with your documents, our client thought the same.

When we assisted this client later on with the spouse visa application to join her settled partner, it turned out that the real reason of her previous application being refused is because the agency altered her bank letter in order for her to demonstrate that she has sufficient funds to support herself in the UK.  This was a main ground for refusal. 

As a result, our client’s immigration history was damaged, which resulted into expensive and time consuming process of appeal. Likely the appeal was allowed at the hearing and this client finally joint her partner in the UK.

This is not the only case of fraud. We also received a number of similar complaints from our clients who used such unprofessional services.

We recommend to only seek legal advice from accredited firms as doing otherwise may lead to unnecessary expenses, stress and wasted time.

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