New Premium Visa Upgrade Service: Indefinite Leave to Remain Granted within 5 Days

The Premium visa upgrade service has been introduced by the Home Office recently. It allows the applicants in a limited number of Indefinite Leave to Remain visa routes to upgrade their applications to the premium service. This allows to receive a quicker consideration of their application for an additional fee.

Indefinite leave applications submitted with the following types of the forms can only be upgraded:

  • SET (M)
  • SET (LR)
  • SET (AF)
  • SET (F) and
  • NTL (No Time Limit).

This means that if you are settled in the UK with no time limit, if you are applying for indefinite leave to remain as a child under 18, as a former member of HM Forces, on the basis of long residence, or as a partner or parent of a child present and settled in the UK, you will be able to upgrade to the Premium Service.

How to Apply

In order to apply, you must download and fill in TWO separate forms. One form is regarding payment details and another is with regards to your personal details and application that you submitted. Both forms will then be submitted by email to the Home Office.

Please note that you can choose to upgrade to premium service by post, at a lower cost, or attend a premium service centre in person at a higher cost. Attending a premium service centre may take longer than the normal service standard depending on the appointments available at the premium service centre.

Moreover, it is important to note that only the first 5 requests received each day between 8.00 am and midday on Mondays to Thursdays only are accepted. If you have been accepted, you will receive an email by 5.00 pm the same day.

Once you are accepted for the faster service, you must give your fingerprints and photograph (biometric enrolment) if you haven’t already done this.


Benefits and Timing

When you apply to the Premium Service, the normal service standard is five working days, and this is from the day that an upgrade request is accepted.

Moreover, your documents and Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) cards will be sent to you separately within 7 to 10 days after your request has been accepted. You will need to sign for them upon receipt.


The costs of upgrading your indefinite leave application to the Premium Service depend on whether you are attending in person or not attending in person.

Postal application

Single Applicant – no dependants £510
Main applicant & 1 dependant £1,020
Main applicant & 2 dependants £1,530
Main applicant & 3 dependants £2,040

Attending in person

Single Applicant – no dependants £610
Main applicant & 1 dependant £1,220
Main applicant & 2 dependants £1,830
Main applicant & 3 dependants £2,440

If you have more than 3 dependants add £510 for each additional dependant (if you are not attending in person) and add £610 for each additional dependant (if you are attending a premium service centre in person).

The Premium visa upgrade service is ideal when you want a faster decision on your indefinite leave to remain application, particularly if you need to travel urgently, need your documents back or want to receive a quicker decision.

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