Prenuptial agreements can be useful in circumstances where one party has built up savings from years of employment before their marriage or even if they are expecting to accrue wealth in the foreseeable future due to a change in circumstances such as a promotion. 
Prenuptial agreements
The Home Office UKVI undertakes sponsor licence compliance visits to determine whether a business should be given a new sponsor licence or continue to operate under an existing sponsor licence. A compliance officer can undertake two types of visits: pre-licence compliance and post-licence compliance visits.
Guidance on how to claim your money back if your money is blocked by online banks. We receive large number of complaints every day by individuals who has suffered from blocked bank accounts at various online banks not only across the UK but other European countries too. Mainly involved banks are Monese, Starling Bank and others.
Руководство о том, как подать иск в суд на банк, если ваши деньги заблокированы. Ежедневно к нам поступает большое количество заявлений от людей, пострадавших блокировкой их банковских счетов не только в Великобритании, но и в других Европейских странах.
Правила путешествий в период пандемии коронавируса постоянно меняются. Для поездки в запланированную вами страну обязательно необходимо ознакомиться с правилами въезда.
Inna Semeniuk 13.01.2022
Are there any restrictions or prohibitions against background checks on applicants? Does it make a difference if an employer conducts its own checks or hires a third party?
Restrictive covenants are clauses that can often be found in employment contracts. They can also be included within job descriptions, recruitment letters and bonus plans.
COVID-19 is posing unprecedented challenges to all business aspects and areas of law, including Intellectual Property. Various Intellectual Property Offices (IPOs) across the globe have been adjusting the services they provide to the current circumstances. The UK IPO is not an exception and is alike considerate of the threats the pandemic poses to individuals and businesses in the UK. With an intent to ensure that those dealing with the UK IPO are not treated unfairly, the Office has made certain temporary alterations to its practices. Some information on the most notable changes introduced is digested below.
Michael Iatsukha 20.12.2021
A lot of businesses were affected by the Coronavirus outbreak in one way or another. The questions arise as to the rights and obligations in cases where the ability to perform under leases has been severely impaired. We will, therefore, try to explain the notion of force majeure under English Law and in which cases can it be invoked.
Sterling Law 20.12.2021
As many of us are working from home at the moment, one of the main questions is how to execute remotely documents that require signatures.