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    Compliance law

    Each year, business professionals face increasingly stringent government regulation. One wrong move could result in dire consequences.

    At Sterling Law, we understand that your professional reputation is on the line with each decision you make. That’s why we’re here to help guide you to compliancy.

    Why Sterling Law

    Compliance law requires a proactive approach. It’s crucial that you understand the rules and regulations before you break them, rather than after. It’s much easier to identify potential non-compliance issues before they happen than it is to defend against them — and with decades of experience in administrative, health care, contract, and employment law, Sterling Law is uniquely qualified to help you stay on the right side of various legal and regulatory compliance committees.

    Common Compliance Disputes

    Although corporate compliance disputes can happen in any business or industry, many of the issues stem from the following entities:

    • Securities and Exchange Commission
    • Environmental Protection Agency
    • Food and Drug Agency
    • HIPAA/Health Care Violations
    • Internal Revenue Service
    • Federal and State Bar Associations

    Compliance issues should not be taken lightly. The consequences of non-compliance can include:

    • Loss of professional license;
    • Loss of business;
    • Stiff fines and penalties;
    • Disciplinary action up to and including prison time;

    Losing your livelihood over what is almost certainly a misunderstanding is not worth the potential adverse costs. If you’ve been accused of non-compliance, you must act quickly to ensure the best possible outcome. Sterling Law offers a free, confidential 15-minute consultation

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    How Can We Help?

    Whether you’re actively looking for ways to remain in compliance or have strayed outside the regulations, a qualified compliance attorney can assist you. With plenty of experience and the record to prove it, Sterling Lawis a great first choice. Schedule your free consultation today and see if our talented team of attorneys are a good fit for your exclusive legal needs.

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