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    Pinkal Lad

    Ayat has proven to be an invaluable asset in my visa application journey. As my solicitor, her expertise and guidance have been exceptional. From the very beginning, she skillfully steered me through the intricate process of obtaining the global talent visa, ensuring that I had a clear understanding of each step along the way. Her support and dedication have truly made a difference, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

    Marmait Anim

    I’m so grateful to this firm and in particular to Oksana Demyanchuk and Michael Carter. If you’re looking for a strong and knowledgeable solicitor who won’t mess you around, who will actually listen and find THE BEST solution to any of your problems, then you’re in good hands. They solved 2 of my complex immigration issues and we also used them for my family member who previously got refused Visa 4 times. Guess what? Oksana and Michael made things seem so easy, everything was sorted from the first try and in a timely manner. Absolute legends!

    Vineet Kumar

    Initially Ramit as a sales person was first point of contact for my application. He explained very well. After that Ayat has played her key role as a solicitor in terms of explaining all vital points while submitting my COS application. Thanks

    Larisa Pendurina

    I express my deep gratitude to the employees of this law firm, in particular Anastasia Artamonova Halyna Semchak, for providing me with highly qualified legal assistance in resolving my important issue. I recommend other citizens to use the services of this law firm.

    Vad K

    Great service from Sterling Law Solicitors!!! Trustworthy and professional job from Halyna and Anastasiia! They went above and beyond to help! Couldn’t be happier with the service!

    Oleksandr Afanasenko

    Two lawyers from Sterling Halyna Semchak and Anastasiia Artamonova helped me solve a question in 10 days that I tried to solve for 9 months.

    Makho Patsu

    This is my experience with Sterling law. Sterling Law was recommended to me by my friend. So I’ve contacted them arround 1 month ago on the phone and arranged appointment for next day. They gave me all information I needed to hear and most importantly gave me a correct direction. I had a lots of questions and whenever I called them they would always answer. They were very attentive and very helpful with all problems I had. Basically exactly after 1 month from the day when I first time contacted them I had my viza in my hand. I would recommend Sterling Law conpany to everyone. Thank you very much Sterling Law and a spacially Otabek and his legall asssistant Diana!

    Dariya Swierchik

    I recently had the privilege of working with an immigration solicitors, Halyna Semchak and Anastasiia Artamonova, who exceeded my expectations in every possible way. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to my wife's case were truly exceptional, making the daunting process of immigration considerably less stressful and more manag. From the initial consultation, it was evident that the immigration solicitors possessed in-depth knowledge of immigration law. Their expertise was immediately apparent as they meticulously analyzed the case, paying attention to the smallest details and ensuring that no aspect was overlooked. I recommend their services.

    Vugar Alisultanov

    Very professional Services. Massive thanks to our lawyer Cristina Dolina. With her advice and guidance VISAs for the family of four were obtained in just 3 days.

    Tyanzilya B

    I would highly recommend Oksana and Michael of Sterling Law Group as immigration solicitors. They are a great team and always provide high quality services whatever immigration matter I have. I was really impressed by their professionalism during consultations, as they gave clear and justified answers to all my tricky questions. I am very happy with an immigration decision! Oksana and Michael both did a wonderful job! What is also important when I felt very low and was about to loose my hope, they always reassured and supported me.

    Irena Shkurta

    Many thanks to Sterling Law company and especially to Halyna Semchak and Anastasia Artamonova who has handled my case very well and supported me every step of the way. Recommend

    Vitalik Duzinskiy

    Heard many different things about this company. but from my experience and from my friends, who recommended, I ( satisfied ) helped me, I am very grateful to them, namely Galina Semchak, a good friendly person who knows what she is doing. there were even moments when I disturbed her during non-working hours, she always wrote back and consulted me. Thank you. I recommend!

    Yana Nikitina

    Can’t describe how happy we are now! Have just received our British passports. All the process was leaded by Jekaterina Trubina and her team. Thank you for all your time and help!

    Maria Borodina

    I would like to thank Sterling Law and Alexandra in particular, who helped me resolve a complicated visa application. Prompt replies and incomparable help throughout the application exceeded my expectations. I am immensely grateful for service provided and recommend the company to everyone!

    Selami Shehu

    I worked with Jekaterina Trubina from Sterling Law and she handled everything A to Z perfectly. During the first consultation, she very honestly and openly explained me my options and advised which way forward would be more beneficial for me. Although I had to travel and apply from Albania, this was an option that had more chances of success and would save me a lot of money in the long perspective, so I blindly trusted her and left everything in her hands. Jekaterina was knowledgeable, communicated with me quickly and efficiently and prepared the application to the highest standard. I felt confident and relaxed knowing that Jekaterina stood for my best interests and genuinely wanted to help me. I got my visa quite quickly and came back to the UK to continue enjoying my family life. My friends and family who used her services in the past were all very impressed and satisfied too! I highly recommend Jekaterina to everyone and will be working with her in all my immigration applications in the future. Thank you Jekaterina for your hard work and dedication!