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    At Sterling Law, we believe in nurturing talent, fostering growth, and building a team of dedicated legal professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the field of law. As a leading firm specialising in immigration law, we offer a dynamic and collaborative work environment where innovation and expertise thrive.

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    Sterling Law
    is a Legal 500 firm

    To provide better service to our client’s legal requirements, our dynamic, award-winning law firm is constantly growing and is home to some of the best solicitors. We combine a law firm’s knowledge, experience, and quality with a speciality law firm’s service offerings and benefits packages.

    Work We Do

    We specialize in comprehensive business and personal immigration law services, managing various privately funded immigration cases. Our expertise covers everything from the initial preparation of entry clearance, leave to remain, and settlement applications to handling administrative reviews, appeals, and judicial reviews in immigration tribunals and higher courts. Our clientele includes individuals and businesses from the UK and various other countries.

    The Culture We Live In

    We provide a work environment that fosters encouragement, support, and personal as well as professional growth for our employees. Our seasoned legal team operates within a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere, ensuring a positive experience for our clients.

    Career Development & Training

    We recognise training and talent development are crucial to our growth, so we provide various learning resources to give our team members the assistance they need to grow.

    Rewards & Advantages

    We understand the significance of training and talent development in our company’s growth. Hence, we offer a range of learning resources to support our team members, enabling them to enhance their skills and capabilities.


    We embrace innovation whenever it assists us in working more productively and providing our clients with high standards of outstanding service. We are a modern legal firm that utilises cutting-edge technology.

    Integration & Diversity

    We enthusiastically welcome innovation whenever it enhances our productivity and enables us to deliver exceptional service to our clients. As a contemporary legal firm, we leverage cutting-edge technology to uphold high standards of service.

    Join Us

    We boast excellent colleagues and a positive working atmosphere, whether you are practicing immigration law or exploring new approaches to your work. We provide opportunities for recent law school graduates seeking valuable experience and training, as well as individuals aspiring to build a promising and ambitious future.

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    Ready to take the next step in your legal career? Contact us at Sterling Law for expert guidance and exciting opportunities. Our team of experienced solicitors is here to support your career aspirations.

    Reach out to us today via phone or our contact form to explore the possibilities of joining our dedicated team. Your future in law starts here.

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      Sales Manager – Job opportunities

      We are looking to expand our team with a dedicated Immigration Sales Manager, who will be responsible for promoting B2B and B2C legal products for UK and overseas based corporate and private clients promoting our immigration services. As a team, we have ambitious sales targets for the next few years, and this role will be […]

      Solicitor / OISC Adviser (Global Talent and Business Immigration)

      Solicitor / OISC Adviser (Global Talent and Business Immigration) Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship available for this role. The company: Sterling Law Group is Legal 500 law firm based in London, United Kingdom. Our practice areas cover a large variety of fields including corporate and individual immigration, employment law, dispute resolution, commercial, family and criminal law […]

      Family/ Commercial/ Criminal Solicitor (Consultant Self Employed)

      Family/ Commercial/ Criminal Solicitor (Consultant Self Employed) Position: Qualified Solicitor ( England and Wales ) The company: Our practice areas cover a large variety of fields including corporate and individual immigration, employment law, dispute resolution, commercial, family and criminal law cases. We provide full-scope assistance to corporates and individuals safeguarding their legal rights and access […]

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