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    Global Talent Visa

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    Obtaining a Global Talent visa in the UK is a difficult process with lots of stages and aspects the individual has to take into account. Almost every person who decides to take this route has some questions, so our experts have designed this article to answer most of them.


    Check out our questionnaire for free assessment of your chances


    Global Talent Visa UK

    Check out our questionnaire for free assessment of your chances

    What is a Global Talent Visa?

    Many potential immigrants ask “what is a Global Talent visa?”. Essentially, it is the new version of the exceptional talent visa in the UK. It’s a document that allows specific types of individuals to arrive and stay in the United Kingdom. It is designed for talented individuals from specific industries, allowing them to arrive in the country faster and get permanent residence quicker than they would with other types of visas.

    For the government, the most obvious benefit of this route relates to the increased number of talented people arriving in the country and contributing to the industries the government considers the most important ones.

    For individuals, it is just a convenient way of becoming a resident in the UK. This route allows them to settle after three years or after five years, depending on the decision of the government. Once the settlement application is completed, the person may apply for British Citizenship. This route is one of the fastest options available for immigrants with corresponding skills and experiences, though the requirements for it are also high.

    There are multiple benefits this visa provides. First of all, it opens more career paths to the individual. The approved person may work for a wide variety of companies and organizations in their field or they are eligible to become self-employed.

    Secondly, the additional bureaucracy associated with sponsor licenses and sponsor certificates is completely removed from the equation, as the procedure is not applied to global talents. Last but not least, the informing policy for such individuals is not as strict as with some other types of visas. You won’t even have to inform the government about changing your job.

    Essentially, the person is free to reside in the United Kingdom without passing any additional commissions or procedures for the period the visa is granted. However, in case they wish to extend it later, they will need to prove their professional growth and success during their time in the country.

    Who can get a Global Talent Visa?

    In order to apply for a tier 1 Talent visa, the individual should receive an endorsement first. These endorsements are given out by six entities, each of them being responsible for a specific field.

    The endorsing bodies for Global Talent visa are:

    If your qualifying field is fashion, architecture or film and television, Arts Council England will pass on your application for review to:

    It is important to understand the difference between obtaining an endorsement and having your special Talent visa application approved in the UK. Endorsement is only a part of your visa application, so it is only the first step on a long route.

    Each of the mentioned bodies has different criteria for approving candidates. In contrast, the criteria for getting a visa are common for each field and each body. Aside from the endorsement, the individual has to be at least 18 years old. The only exception that allows the individual to apply without an endorsement relates to the cases when the applicant won a major award in their field.

    Eligibility requirements for the Global Talent visa

    The eligibility requirements for each field of the talent work visa are different. In this section, we will list the short versions of the criteria published by the corresponding bodies that we have already listed above. Both the criteria and the evidence you will need to provide are individual, and it is always better to look up all the details on the website of the corresponding body.

    Arts Council England

    This body requires the individual to prove they have contributed to the creation of some talented artworks. The person is required to prove they have professionally participated in the corresponding work for the previous five years, as well as have enough international experience.

    The person will need to provide the body with at least three recommendation letters, some valid proof of professional experience in multiple countries, and should have their works considered outstanding by the body.

    Tech Nation

    In order to receive an endorsement from the Tech Nation body, the individual will need to prove their participation in the creation of corresponding technical products. They will need to provide the body with substantial evidence of their professional participation in product development, as well as their commercial investment in the field. Similar to the previous body, Tech Nation also requires the person to provide it with three recommendation letters.

    Other Bodies

    For other bodies that include the fields of engineering, science, research, and medicine, the criteria are almost the same. In general, the person just needs to prove to the body they are actively and outstandingly participating in their corresponding segments. There are several other profession-specific criteria for each of these fields, so make sure to confirm all the details with the relevant body before applying.


    How to apply for a Global Talent visa?

    The preparation for applying is a lot more difficult than the application process itself. The government grants the individuals two options to choose from: they can either submit from within the country or apply from outside of the United Kingdom.

    With foreign submissions, the government will need you to visit the appointment center. For those who are already residing in the United Kingdom, there is an option to change their current visa. To do so, the person just needs to submit an online application form.

    Required documents to apply for the Global Talent visa

    The general list of required documents might be rather long, as you have to keep in mind that you need a substantial amount of paper to obtain the endorsement before you can contact the visa center. In general, you will need the following documents, although this is not the complete list:

    • A CV that states your results in the corresponding field.
    • The recommendation letters from at least three different organizations.
    • Up to ten pieces of proof of your experience.

    The pieces of proof mentioned in the last point are individual for each field as well. However, for any field, they should demonstrate the outstanding quality of your work and your exceptional performance in the relevant field.

    There might be some additional documents required as well. For example, as we have already mentioned in the previous section, digital specialists will need to prove their active participation in product development. Thus, such individuals will have to attach some additional corresponding documents as well. Researchers will also need to provide all the necessary details about their prior work.

    What is the Global Talent visa processing time?

    In most cases, the processing time does not exceed a month. However, similar to other types of visa approvals, the bodies might ask you to verify some details of an interview, which usually increases the duration of the process significantly.

    There is also a difference in this time frame, depending on where you send your application from. For individuals who have submitted their request from outside of the country, the processing time is usually around three weeks, while for those who have submitted from inside the country, it may take up to eight weeks.

    It is also important to mention that some specialists from the digital industry can get to the fast-track route that has a decreased processing period. Another important detail is that the individual can send out the visa application before the endorsement request is reviewed. As these are two separate procedures, applying for them simultaneously is a convenient way of saving time. Although in case the endorsement is not issued, there is no chance of getting the visa request approved.

    The time required for case preparation is contingent upon the selected package and the quantity and caliber of essential documents furnished during this process. Please refer to our article for more information.

    Global Talent visa fees

    Both endorsement approval and visa approval are paid procedures. In order to have your endorsement request reviewed, you will need to pay a fee of £456. The fee for the initial review is £192. If you are applying on the basis of receipt of an eligible award, you will pay the full amount of £716. It is worth mentioning that for individuals from Turkey and Macedonia, the abovementioned fees are slightly lower.

    In case the individual is going to apply with dependents, there is an additional fee of £716 per person. Last but not least, the individual will be charged with the Immigration Health Surcharge fee of £624 per year. For children, the IHS fee is £470 per year.

    How long does a Global Talent visa last?

    The Global Talent technician visa is issued for a period from one to five years. Once it expires, the individual is capable of renewing it. As we have mentioned in one of the previous sections, the individuals are also capable of applying for British Citizenship after staying in the country for a specific period of time.

    In case you decide to extend your visa, there are some additional things you should know. First of all, the bodies that issue endorsements are capable of withdrawing them. Thus, before you apply, you have to ensure it did not happen. Secondly, such an extension is only possible until your current visa expires. If that happens, you will need to go for another route.

    How can we help?

    As you have seen from the article, the process of obtaining approval is quite comprehensive. There are many stages you need to pass, as well as lots of documents you need to prepare properly. The professionals from our organization are willing to help you out at each stage of the process, granting you the highest chance of being approved.

    Our Immigration team is dedicated to providing the best service to our clients, which is why we are passionate about in investing in advanced technologies like talentvisa.uk for Global Talent visa applicants to improve the speed and accuracy of our advice. We are delighted to be the first such platform for Global Talent visa in the UK and cannot wait to take advantage of this amazing technology. The tool will allow us to be completely transparent and trusted by following a better tech-enabled structure to evidence our high quality of advice and immigration service we provide!

    All the packages of our services will allow you to have your draft application reviewed and amended, allowing you to avoid any mistakes. Moreover, our team will provide you with all the necessary templates and information you will need during the application process. For each package we offer, you will receive calls with case updates from the experts on our team.

    Our Recent Successful cases for Global Talent:

    Our team has a long list of successful cases, and we are ready to help out new global talents who wish to move to the United Kingdom. Choosing our service will not only make it easier for you to pass the procedure, but it will also maximize your chances of it being successful.

    In the past 6 months, many things have changed. We were able to achieve a lot of positive results for our Global Talent clients and would be glad to share our experience with you.

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    Check out our questionnaire for free assessment of your chances


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Global Talent Visa?

    The UK Global Talent Visa is a visa category created with the intention of luring skilled individuals from all corners of the world to come and work within the United Kingdom.

    Who is eligible for the UK Global Talent Visa?

    Individuals who have been acknowledged as either existing leaders or promising future leaders within a wide range of fields, such as academia, research, arts, humanities, engineering, medicine, digital technology, and others, are eligible to apply for this visa.

    What are the requirements for the UK Global Talent Visa?

    To be eligible for the visa, you must first be endorsed by a recognized UK endorsing body in your field. You must also be able to demonstrate your achievements and contributions to your field, and show that you have been awarded significant prizes or have made significant contributions to your field. Additionally, you must have a job offer or be able to show that you have enough savings to support yourself and any dependents.

    How long is the Global Talent Visa valid for?

    The Global Talent Visa is initially granted for up to five years, with the possibility of an extension.

    Can I apply for settlement in the UK with a Global Talent Visa?

    Yes, after holding the Global Talent Visa for three or five years (in some cases), you may be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

    Can I bring my family with me on the Global Talent Visa?

    It is permissible for you to bring along your spouse, civil partner, and dependent children with you to the United Kingdom while you hold the Global Talent Visa.

    Can I switch to Global Talent Visa from another visa category?

    Yes, it is possible to switch to the UK Global Talent Visa from certain other visa categories.

    Can I work for any employer with a Global Talent Visa?

    Yes, you may work for any employer in the UK with the visa.

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