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    Tax Investigations

    Tax law, especially internationally, can get extremely complicated. The first thing that we recommend is that, to avoid being accused of tax avoidance, you get professionals to handle your accounting and legal responsibilities when needed. However, the worst can sometimes happen, and simple, logical moves to reduce your taxation burden that seem legal at the time can actually turn out to be illegal, and then you may end up in hot water. A significant amount of tax avoidance cases are not massively fraudulent log-keeping schemes, but rather transaction restructuring being taken too far, or even things as simple as incorrect expense claiming by an employee. Punishment for tax avoidance can be serious and long-term, and when you start being investigated, it is important to contact us as soon as possible.

    Our team will work both to reduce penalties, maintain your privacy, assisting you with disclosures, and, mostly importantly, prevent the same thing from happening in the future. We will take care of correspondence with various tax agencies, both national and overseas, to ensure that your case is fairly considered and your penalties as low as possible. Contact us today for advice – and we can start helping you at any point, whether there is an investigation coming up, or you are in the middle of one as you read this.

    Sterling Law’s international experience means we understand well how many different tax agencies work, and this, of course, includes HRMC. We are just as skilled in national tax as we are in international tax cases, and so don’t worry if your tax evasion case is national. We will take care of all correspondence with HRMC for you, and, as our expert team knows the ins and outs of complex, ever-changing tax laws, we can ensure compliance, defend you against investigations, and reduce your penalties to make sure you are treated fairly.

    We pride ourselves on being ranked in the top 25 firms nationally for tax law – and we have achieved this through hard work and successful cases. Contact us if you have any questions, or need our help, and we will ensure that you have a strong chance of success in your case.

    VAT inspections and investigations

    HRMC takes VAT extremely seriously, and in recent years punishments for failures to pay and declare VAT have become more widespread and harsh – with time in prison, massive fines and penalties, and the collection of backlogged taxes for up to 20 years being common. If HRMC begins to investigate you, it is absolutely crucial that you contact us immediately. Our expert team will help you at every step of the way, and ensure that your situation does not get out of control, keeping penalties low, criminal prosecution very unlikely, and helping you with compliance in the future. The moment that you are contacted by HRMC, call us and we will start to build a case to defend you, giving you the best chance of defence. However, if you are already the subject of an investigation, we can help you too – our team is fast-working and up-to-date on all tax laws, and can prevent your situation from getting any worse, even if the outlook looks bleak at that point.

    Naturally, our team can also help with VAT law compliance. If you are worried, or simply unsure, call us and we can help you build a strong, concise plan for paying your VAT and declaring it properly, to ensure that you never have a run-in with HRMC that you don’t want to have.

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