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    Service agreement

    When working with another company or individual, having the service agreement drafted properly is vital. The professional team of Sterling Law is ready to provide all the legal aid required for drafting a thorough contract for your specific case.

    What is a service agreement?

    In any industry, a contractual service agreement is a document that sets the framework for the future services provided by one party to another party. It includes the information regarding the service provision, price of said services, and the time frame for which they are provided.

    Why is service agreement important?

    • The duties of the contractor are specified thoroughly.
    • The document protects the rights of both parties.
    • It might be used in legal disputes, in case one of the parties’ rights are violated.
    • The document may specify penalties to compensate the parties.

    What should a service agreement include?

    A service agreement should detail what it is for, what rights and obligations the contractor will have from commencement, the company‘s rights and obligations, the duration of the agreement, how the wages and expenses are organised.

    What clauses should a service agreement cover?

    A typical contract for a service has the following aspects specified:

    • commencement of the agreement;
    • breach of agreement clauses;
    • a non-compete clause;
    • terms for terminating the contract;
    • details regarding trade secrets;
    • specifications of ownership rights;
    • Insurance details;
    • clauses for IP;
    • obligatory H & S clauses;
    • specifications for time and place of service provision.

    How can we help?

    Drafting an agreement contract for services might be a tricky task to perform, as there are lots of variations of the document used in different circumstances. Moreover, the contract has to be detailed and thorough: it is vital not to miss out on any crucial clauses.

    The professional team of solicitors in Sterling Law has a rich experience in the service contracts segment. We are ready to help draft the document that would perfectly suit your specific case and cover the key business aspects in the exact way needed.

    Reach out to have a free first consultation, and we will happily design a contract that would allow your interactions with another party to be clear and fair.


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