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    British Citizenship by Naturalisation

    The purpose of a person who has emigrated to England for earning money, participating in business processes or reuniting with his family is often to obtain British citizenship. The procedure is considered an important event in life. It should be taken seriously in order not to miss the important conditions for obtaining citizenship by naturalisation. It is important to note that representatives of the Ministry of Interior treat naturalisation in UK not as a right, but as a special privilege. A positive answer will be given only if the requirements of the legislation are fully met.



    Eligibility criteria

    Many people immigrating to the UK are interested in: what is naturalization as a British citizen. This is the process of obtaining citizenship, which involves the fulfillment of a number of conditions. For example, the applicant must have resided in the country for several years.

    In practice, the main requirements for British citizenship depend on the existence of an official registration of the applicant’s marriage with a British citizen. Also, in some cases, a civil union is taken into account.

    Naturalization as a spouse

    Provided that the applicant is in an officially registered relationship or in a civil marriage with a British citizen, the following the naturalisation guidance should be taken into account:

    • the age of the applicant must exceed 18 years;
    • on the date of filing the application, the official or civil marriage must be valid;
    • the person should be in his sound mind;
    • the applicant must be able to communicate fluently in English or any of the dialects;
    • he should have knowledge about life in the country;
    • character of the applicant should be non-conflict.

    You will need an ILR to naturalisation and documents confirming a residence permit.

    Requirements for the residence

    When the applicant receives a refusal, it is often associated with the dissatisfaction of this requirement. In order to get a positive response for the naturalisation for British citizenship, it is important to consider the following things:

    • the applicant must have resided in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man within the last three years;
    • the applicant has not left the country for more than 270 days in the last three years;
    • the maximum period of a person’s stay outside the UK for a year is up to 90 days;
    • the applicant has not violated immigration laws for 3 years;
    • no restrictions were imposed on the person wishing to naturalise as a British citizen during the year prior to submitting the application.

    How to get naturalisation in other cases

    If the official marriage has not been concluded, or the applicant is not a civil partner of a British citizen, the following requirements are imposed on him:

    • age over 18 years;
    • if you apply for British citizenship by naturalisation you should be of right mind;
    • the person has intentions to live in the UK, or to be employed in the Crown service or in another company established in this country;
    • to be fluent in English or dialects;
    • the applicant should know what features of life in the UK are different;
    • to have a non- conflict character;
    • to live in the country for at least 5 years prior to submitting the application for uk naturalisation and meet certain residence requirements.

    The residence requirements

    What are the requirements for the place of residence when applying for uk citizenship by naturalisation:

    • the applicant must have lived in the UK for at least 5 years. Residence in the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man is taken into account;
    • a person wishing to obtain citizenship should not have left the country in the last 3 years for a period of more than 450 days;
    • if we consider the period of the last 12 months, that the applicant does not stay outside the UK for more than 90 days;
    • the immigration law must not be violated by the applicant for 5 years;
    • you should be free from temporary immigration restrictions for 1 year before applying for UK citizenship by naturalisation.

    There are some exceptions to the requirements listed above. For getting the answer to any questions, please contact our immigration service specialists.

    What is the requirement for the applicant’s character?

    The law adopted at the official level 41 years ago requires that everyone who wants to go through the naturalisation process must have a “good character”. Its description is not defined in the legislation. But the UK Home Office provides a number of characteristics that are represented by an incomplete list. It does not correspond to people with a “good character”. For example: crime, bad fame, dishonesty, a tendency to deceive, as well as non-compliance with immigration requirements.

    What is meant by Sound Mind?

    When a person is in his right mind, he has a good idea of what will follow any step taken. In the presence of mental problems, such as depressive states, schizophrenia, various types of personality disorders, the UK Home Office cannot ignore this. Applicants for British passport naturalisation must submit a medical certificate confirming the absence of any of the listed problems at the moment.

    The decision to issue a positive response will be made by the Home Secretary. To receive it, the applicant must explain why he is interested in the naturalisation process.

    Knowledge of the language and peculiarities of life in the country

    There are certain requirements for citizens of the country. They must live according to the laws, respect the traditions of the UK. Each candidate must meet them. To check the language level, it is recommended to take the Life in the UK test. The certificate should be presented when submitting the application.

    Is it possible to apply for British citizenship after receiving ILR?

    After entering into a legal marriage with a UK citizen, you have the opportunity to obtain citizenship. It can be issued after granting indefinite leave to stay in the country. You need to submit documents that confirm the fulfillment of the requirements described above.

    If the relationships with the partner are not formalized, then you will be able to obtain citizenship by naturalisation only 1 year after receiving the ILR.

    Conditions of stay

    After the approval of the application, candidates can make a request for a UK citizen passport. Immigration restrictions will not apply. People will have the opportunities to study and work in the country, as well as take part in voting.

    Application methods and fees

    Applications are submitted online. Or you can use postal services. But in this case, the process of reviewing the application will take more time.

    The cost of filing: £1330. Additional costs must be taken into account. The collection of biometric data is paid separately: you will need to pay £19.20 for it.

    How long is the application being considered?

    You need to be prepared that it will take up to 6 months to consider the application. A decision on citizenship will be received faster: within 3 months from the date of submission.

    Is it possible to leave the country before receiving a decision?

    Immigrants often have the question: can I travel after applying for naturalisation UK?

    While the appeal is being considered, you can leave the UK. When submitting an application, you must provide a certified copy of your passport, and use the original document for traveling abroad.

    It is important to remember that applying for naturalisation does not give the right to re-enter the country. To do this, you should have a confirmed ILR. Within 45 days after submitting the application, you will need to provide information about biometric data. If this requirement is ignored, the application will be canceled.

    Within 90 days after the approval of the application, the candidate can take part in a special citizenship ceremony.

    How to use legal assistance?

    Our experts will help you understand the process of applying for UK citizenship. They will tell you what needs to be done to avoid difficulties. You can contact us for advice on any issue related to immigration.


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