Sterling Law immigration expert team has been advising businesses and individuals on UK immigration aspects for over 10 years. We are proud that our immigration solicitors and advisors have been highly recommended and hold accreditation by the Solicitor Regulation Authority (SRA) and Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) . We have been able to establish not only exceptional standards of immigration services provided but also fair and transparent system cost-wise.

Once the client’s request is received, our immigration specialist will always get into a detailed understanding of the specifics of a certain case before proceeding to consultation. Sterling Law is committed to providing the best client care and immigration advice in the UK.

We offer high-class immigration advice for both individuals and corporate Clients. Whether you are a business owner starting a new project, a global corporation transferring staff to the UK, or an individual relocating to the country, do not hesitate to contact Sterling Law – a recognised leader in providing a full range of immigration services in the UK.

Immigrarion services
Business Immigration
Global Talent
For applicants, who are recognised or promising leaders in their filed and/or have significant achievements (IT, Creatives, Media, Science). Leads to settlement and citizenship.
Sponsorship Licence
Permission for the companies to hire staff overseas, including EU citizens. Available for companies in various industries. Sponsored employees can be hired for entry level positions.
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Start-up/Innovator Visas
For business applicants looking to establish a business in the UK. Main requirement is that the business idea has to be viable, scalable, and innovative. Innovator visa leads to settlement and citizenship.
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Investor Visa
Minimum investment £2m. Investor visa leads to settlement and citizenship. Successful applicants can live in the UK, study, work, be self-employed, or establish a company.
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Sole Representative Visa
For applicants who intend to open a branch of an overseas company in the UK. The applicants usually must have been employed by the overseas company in the past. Leads to settlement and citizenship
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Business Short Stay
Short term visa that allows the applicant to perform certain business related activities in the UK.
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Other categories
UK immigration rules offer hundreds of options for those willing to live or visit the UK. Contact us for individual solution.
Personal Immigration
Global Talent
For applicants, who are recognised or promising leaders in their filed and/or have significant achievements (IT, Creatives, Media, Science). Leads to settlement and citizenship.
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EEA immigration
EU citizens who already have a status in the UK may still be able to bring their spouses and parent to live in the UK.
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Spouse/partner visa
If your spouse/partner is a British citizen or settled in the UK, you may be able to join him to live together in the UK.
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Student & Graduate visas
Short term and long term visas. Graduate visa allows undergraduates and post graduates to remain in the UK for 2 years after studies.
Ancestry visa
For Commonwealth citizens applying outside the UK. Among other requirements, you should prove that one of your grandparents was born in the UK and you are planning to work in the UK.
Human rights application
Human rights claims, claims outside immigration rules, other routes not covered by other forms.
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Other categories
UK immigration rules offer hundreds of options for those willing to live or visit the UK. Contact us for individual solution.
Settlement and citizenship
Settle in the UK under any eligible route.
British Citizenship by Naturalisation
Apply for British citizenship
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British Citizenship for Stateless Child
Citizenship for children
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British Citizenship by Marriage
If you spouse is settled in the UK or British citizen.
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Why Sterling Law

We value your time. After the consultation, we will let you know what the next steps are. We will request the documents we need, and only call you when necessary. We are proactive, will update you on your case as soon as we have any news so that you don’t need to call, meaning you can rest assured that no actions are needed from your side.

We haven’t forgotten about you, but we believe you’d rather spend time doing something that really matters than on the phone with a lawyer.

Family law Family law

Sterling Law are experts in Family Law. Our expertise includes everything from divorce to issues involving children and cohabitation matters. We understand that it is very difficult to go through family issues, therefore, we are here to help. Our lawyers appreciate the sensitivity of such matters, and have therefore developed a highly delicate and professional approach.

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IP Law IP Law

IP law has two sides to it: contentious and non-contentious IP. It is important ensure your intellectual property is marked as yours as clearly as possible, and that, in case of infringement – such as someone stealing your graphics, ideas, or branding – you are able to respond quickly and make use of all the resources available that the law provides you with.

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Criminal Litigation Criminal Litigation

Sometimes, unfortunate events occur. These can include being accused of a crime, or being part of a police investigation. The sooner you get on top of it, however, the more likely it is that you will have a fair and reasonable outcome – and Sterling Law is here to help at every point.

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Employment Law Employment Law

As the nature of employment changes, so does employment law, and it can be hard to keep up on your own. In today’s world, where employment law is no longer limited to what your employees do at the office from 9-5, navigating this challenging atmosphere is easier with professionals helping you every step of the way.

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    Asylum appeal of a nepalese national and her spouse 22.06.2021

    Our immigration team has achieved a successful decision in the asylum appeal of a Nepalese national and her spouse. According to the Immigration & Asylum Upper Tribunal, they should both be allowed to remain in the UK under the protection of Refugee law.

    The appellant fell in love and married in the UK against the wishes of her family in Nepal, causing her to fear severe consequences upon return, including honour violence and persecution on the basis that she is a woman who married outside her caste and nationality.

    Daughter-in-law of an EEA national can stay in the UK 12.05.2021

    Our immigration team achieved great success in representing a client in her appeal against the Home Office’s decision to refuse issuance of the Residence Card as an extended family member of an EEA national.
    Our client, a Ukrainian national entered the UK as a Family Permit holder and was residing in the UK as an extended family member of an EEA national (her father-in-law was Portuguese). Our client lived with her husband and son, whose residence in the UK was also dependent on the same EEA national.

    Elderly mother permitted to stay in the UK with her british adult son and her grandchildren 21.04.2021

    Excellent news; adult dependent relative appeal allowed by the First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)!

    Our client, an Indian national, came to the UK with her husband lawfully to visit their son and grandchildren, who are British nationals. Sadly, her husband passed away suddenly while they were in the UK. Our client had a history of dementia with Parkinson’s disease along with anxiety and depression, which made her return to India unachievable.

    Long residence applications: gaps in lawful residence 16.11.2020

    The Immigration Rules regarding long residence provide that Applicants who have resided in the UK continuously and lawfully for 10 years are entitled to apply for indefinite leave to remain.
    This begs the question: what if I have a gap in my lawful residence?
    The Immigration Rules state as follows: 276B. The requirements to be met by an applicant for indefinite leave to remain on the ground of long residence in the United Kingdom are that:

    UK police registration for visa holders 19.05.2021

    Conditions can be attached to a person’s permission to enter or stay, and this includes a condition requiring a person to register with the police when in the UK. In this post, we look at the police registration requirement, how to register with the police, where to register with the police, and the potential consequences of failing to register with the police.