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    Company Incorporation Questionnaire for a Limited Company

    1. Name of the company?

    2. The company’s registered office address?

    3. The company’s registered email address?

    4. When would the company like to start trading/conducting its business?

    E.g. Can be immediately or at a certain date

    5. In the first 3 months of Incorporation, will the company be doing any of the following?

    For the purposes of Income Tax

    6. Number of shares in the company and nominal value of each share

    E.g. 100 ordinary shares of nominal value £1.00 each.?

    7. Ordinary shares with equal rights to voting, dividends and capital? Or different classes of shares? If so, please specify.

    E.g. shareholders often agree to have alphabet shares (A ordinary shares, B ordinary shares etc) so the board can decide how to distribute dividends amongst each class rather than otherwise having to pay dividends pro rata the shareholdings

    8. Type of Articles of Association?

    Articles of Association are the rulebook for the running of the company. These can be amended/changed during or after incorporation (Please note this could be prepared for an additional fee) Model Articles are the default option, and can be changed in the future.

    9. Names of shareholders, their residential/corporate addresses and their shareholding?

    10. Names, addresses and occupation of the Directors?

    11. Has the Director used a different name for business purposes in the last 20 years?

    12. Please provide brief details of the nature of the business carried out by the company