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Some of the legal needs that may arise with respect to creative & sports industries are immigration, copyright protection, patents, and licenses, and may require the services of a solicitor.


What are copyright needs of UK creative industries?


It is essential to protect works with an original design represented by drawings, art, or a prototype or model, specifying whether the protection is to be for a new invention, a design, or a product. Additionally, copyright also protects original works of authorship that are the result of creative effort exerted in any form whatsoever, including the full range of literary, dramatic, musical and other performances.


What are license needs of UK creative industries?

There also may often be a need for a license, and the license needs depend on the kind of subject matter for which they are undertaken. Some examples of the need for licenses may be for a musical composition, an advertisement, a novel, or any other work or idea that needs to be shared.


Our legal team can help with:


  • patents, copyrights and trademarks
  • immigration (sponsor licence, paid engagement visa, sportsperson visas)
  • licensing
  • employment
  • commercial laws
  • disputes & disagreements
  • contracts
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