Cookies policies

What is cookie policy?

A cookie policy is also known as acookie notice and is a way for websites to explain to their users how they use cookies on their site. 


What is website cookie?


A cookie is a data file stored on a users computer and it is written by the website they got it from. A cookie can help with tracking, keeping details in a shopping cart, or just in general. Information such as a user‘s name, which other sites they have visited, or even which country they are browsing from is all potential content that a persons cookie can hold.


Cookies are normally used on a website for a few reasons. Firstly, they can save how someone wants the page to appear and some locations will allow the site to remember where they were within the site. The second is by saving details about what they were browsing in their cart before they had to leave. Finally, cookies can tell which country they currently live in.


A cookie can be stored onto a user computer and can mainly be used for storing data on websites. It can be found in three possible ways: session, persistent, and firsttier. These terms relate to how the cookie is used by the website. A site might use cookies to remember user preferences, track session information, store information in a shopping cart, or generally communicate between the site and website visitors.


Session means a cookie, or cookies, are going to expire within a specific period of time as soon as the browser is closed down. These cookies may be often set in order to save preferences as a user navigates different pages. Persistent cookies will allow for a users settings to stay saved even after the browser window is closed. Persistent cookies will stay for a preset period of time. Firsttier cookies store data strictly on the website domain, or site that it has originated from. Firsttier cookies allow for greater crossdomain abilities.


What should be included in a cookies policy?


A cookies policy should include data on the cookies used and what personal information they collect. Areas of collecting data could be a person‘s name, what other sites they visit, and what country they‘re browsing from. There is a need for those wanting to use the cookies to ask for permission. If their visitors do not want their information collected, their policy should come with instructions on how to block or remove the file from their computer. Finally, it must be organised under an organisation and country.





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