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    Power of Attorney / Apostille (PoA)

    Power or Attorney: Our fees


    We can offer priority service (1-2 working days) for £395+VAT, and 10-12 working days service for £235+VAT.

    Legalisation Office fees (apostille): £75 for 1-2 working days; £30 for 10-12 working days


    If you order Power of Attorney online, Legalisation Office fees are included in the PoA fee, so that you save £75 and £30 respectively. To order PoA online, just click the links below.


    1-2 working days service


    10-12 working days service



    What is power of attorney?


    A power of attorney is a legal document signed by an individual, theprincipal,” which grants authority to another individual, theagent,” to act on behalf of the principal. In the absence of a power of attorney, a person would need to petition the court for guardianship or conservatorship in order to have the authority to act on behalf of the principal.


    What can a power of attorney achieve?


    A power of attorney can authorise the agent to make decisions to manage and deal with the principal‘s property, assets, bank accounts etc. For example, an agent may be granted authority to sell the principal‘s home or car. A power of attorney can also be used to authorise the agent to manage the principal‘s daytoday activities, such as medical and health care decisions.


    What are the limitations of a power of attorney?


    The principal must be capable of understanding the nature and content of a power of attorney. The agent cannot be a minor or a person who is legally incapable of doing anything without the intervention of a guardian.

    The power of attorney must be specific to the agent and the intended activities that the agent is authorised to undertake. For example, a power of attorney which is intended to authorise the agent to manage the principal‘s daytoday activities.


    Can a power of attorney be rejected?


    A power of attorney may be rejected if the agent is not qualified, if the agent doesn‘t have the capacity to act as an agent, or if the power of attorney is not specific to the agent and the intended activities that the agent is authorised to undertake.


    What does a power of attorney have to include?


    The power of attorney usually should include the following information:

    • the name of the principal and the agent
    • the power granted to the agent
    • the duration of the power of attorney
    • the signature of the principal




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