User agreements

What is user agreement?


User agreement is a declaration signed by the user to acknowledge certain agreements between the software provider and the user, such as privacy and access to data.


What clauses should be included into user agreement?

The most important clauses are how the data will be handled in accordance with the company’s terms of use and privacy. Others are whether there will be a dependency on thirdparty software or services, where the software provider will store data, the warranty policy, and how to contact the support team.


Why is user agreement important?


User agreement provides information to the user about what the app can do and what restrictions are applied. It also helps them know what happens to their data and which rights they have. User agreement helps mobile users comprehend which permissions they agree to which affects what the app can do to their device.


What is EULA?


EULA stands for end user license agreement. It is a contract detailing the terms of use of a software product. The purpose of EULA is to protect the products and give the user various software features and their advantages.



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