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    Proceeds of Crime and Money Laundering Advice

    Having yourself or your company be accused of being involved in money laundering or criminal acts creates a very difficult and sensitive situation. Sterling Law knows this, and our firm’s lawyers have years of experience in handling cases like these.

    Money laundering itself is when the proceeds of crime and converted into assets, such as money, which appear to have a legitimate origin – these can then be used as genuine assets. Money laundering law in the UK is very strict – which means that even if you suspect that money laundering is ongoing, but are not sure, little distinction is made in the law. Punishments for money laundering are strict, with up to 14 years in prison and large fines being common, as well as restrictions on your actions in society. This is why it is important to contact Sterling Law as soon as you have suspicions that money laundering is happening – we can build a case to defend you or your company, and ensure you are treated fairly.

    Money laundering is a type of financial crime, which means the police can get involved. The moment that the police contact you, if you have not contacted us previously to ensure you are complying with the law, contact us. Our help will be invaluable at every step of the process, including talking to the police – whose aim, no matter what they may say, is to gather evidence to secure a case for prosecution against you or your firm.

    We are a modern and innovative boutique law firm with a flexible «can-do» approach. Our cross-domain specialisation allows for seamless solutions whether you are a business or an individual, allowing us to solve most complex problems, where several areas of law are involved.

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