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    Financial Conduct Authority Advice

    Sterling Law knows that it can be tricky to navigate the rules and recommendations of the FCA. As a powerful regulatory organisation, it is important to keep up with its rules and be on the right side of the law – especially as this organisation is designed to protect consumers, who may equally have a case against your company if the rules are not followed.

    Sterling Law has years of experience navigating the FCA’s guidelines, and can ensure your financial service is compliant.

    The FCA, as per its website, it is responsible for regulating financial firms providing services to consumers, and for maintaining the integrity of financial markets in Britain. It plays a crucial role in British markets, and to regulate these areas the FCA needs to have significant powers. The FCA, in its aims to ensure customers are treated fairly, risks are reduced, and innovation and competition are encouraged, has the power to ban financial products, modify or retract promotions by firms, or freeze assets of both individuals and firms under investigation – regardless of whether they are guilty or not.

    This is why it is so important to keep up with the FCA’s rules – the more compliant your firm is, the shorter an investigation will last and the less likely it is to arise, which gives your business the best chance to prosper. If you find yourself in conflict with the FCA, Sterling Law will defend your firm and ensure that it, you, and your employees are treated fairly. Contact our team of experts today if you have any questions at all.

    We are a modern and innovative boutique law firm with a flexible «can-do» approach. Our cross-domain specialisation allows for seamless solutions whether you are a business or an individual, allowing us to solve most complex problems, where several areas of law are involved.

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