Refugee Protection

The reasons for seeking asylum can include but not limited to poverty, lack of access to healthcare, education, water, food, housing, the consequences of environmental degradation and climate change etc. International law clearly states that people have a human right to immigrate to other states.

The human right to immigrate is not absolute, it can be restricted in certain circumstances. Outside these circumstances, however, immigration restrictions are unjust. We believe that the right to immigrate constitutes basic human liberties and it should be protected.

Referring to the UK legislation, individuals can apply for asylum to stay in the UK as a refugee in case they are unable to live safely in any part of their own country because they fear persecution there. This persecution is usually based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion etc. After the application has been submitted, the person will have to have a meeting with an immigration officer and then an asylum interview with a caseworker. One of the requirements that British law imposes is that the applicant has failed to get protection from authorities in your own country. Without a doubt, there are some restrictions on obtaining asylum in the UK. For instance, if you are from the EU country, your application will not even be considered.

Important information for all the applicants: if you provide or attempt to provide false information in your application, you can be charged with up to 2 years imprisonment in the UK.

It is obvious that false information can be provided by intent as well as by mistake. Therefore, the best way to prepare your application is to do it with an experienced lawyer, who will guide you through the application process professionally.

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Asylum Asylum

There are other types of cases, which are considered as complicated ones. Sterling Law is proud of the number of cases, it has helped its clients to succeed in.There are other types of cases, which are considered as complicated ones. Sterling Law is proud of the number of cases, it has helped its clients to succeed in.

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Humanitarian Protection Humanitarian Protection

The humanitarian protection policy was introduced in April 2003 to replace the policy on Exceptional Leave to Remain. The policy objective is to grant humanitarian protection and to provide protection and a period of limited leave to those who require protection but do not qualify for refugee status.

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Family Reunion Family Reunion

f an individual has Refugee Status or Humanitarian Protection, they may be able to bring their partner/spouse and children to the UK. This is known as a ‘refugee family reunion’.

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Settlement Settlement

The 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugee defines a refugee as follows:  

‘person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.

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    BRP card expiry 20.05.2021
    If you have been granted indefinite leave to remain (ILR) in the past few years, you will probably have been issued with a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) with an expiry date of 31 December 2024.
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    Successful cases
    EEA family member: permanent residence application after refusal 23.03.2021

    Our client, a non-EEA national, initially obtained a residence card as the spouse of an EEA national. Our client subsequently divorced from his EEA national spouse and obtained a residence card under the Retained Rights route. The client then applied for permanent residence, which was refused and a subsequent appeal was dismissed by First-Tier Tribunal as the Judge wrongly thought the client needed to be a qualified person, not his EEA national spouse during the time their marriage lasted. Permission to appeal on this basis was granted. 

    Long residence applications: gaps in lawful residence 16.11.2020

    The Immigration Rules regarding long residence provide that Applicants who have resided in the UK continuously and lawfully for 10 years are entitled to apply for indefinite leave to remain.
    This begs the question: what if I have a gap in my lawful residence?
    The Immigration Rules state as follows: 276B. The requirements to be met by an applicant for indefinite leave to remain on the ground of long residence in the United Kingdom are that:

    Statutory demand 17.05.2021

    A statutory demand is a request for the payment of outstanding debt.

    If you have an undisputed amount due to you or to your business (e.g. an unpaid invoice) then you can file a form called statutory demand requesting a debtor to settle the debt.

    A statutory demand is a kind of a warning from you to a debtor that the failure to repay the debt might result in the start of a procedure in the courts to make the debtor bankrupt. This form is often used as a legal tool to apply pressure on the debtor to ensure that they repay their debt.

    Daughter-in-law of an EEA national can stay in the UK 12.05.2021

    Our immigration team achieved great success in representing a client in her appeal against the Home Office’s decision to refuse issuance of the Residence Card as an extended family member of an EEA national.
    Our client, a Ukrainian national entered the UK as a Family Permit holder and was residing in the UK as an extended family member of an EEA national (her father-in-law was Portuguese). Our client lived with her husband and son, whose residence in the UK was also dependent on the same EEA national.

    Student loan for a NON-EU national 14.04.2021

    Sterling Law has successfully challenged a decision by Student Finance England to refuse a student loan to a settled non-EU national because it was not believed that he met the lawful residence requirements.