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    IP law in the UK has a component which we are all familiar with: copyright law. Currently, copyright law in the UK mostly stems from the Copyrights, Designs, and Patents Act 1998 – and it’s crucial for you, whether you are a musician, writer, artist or an original producer of anything else – that your content is protected.

    There are two sides to copyright law: the protection of your intellectual property, and the fair use of others’ intellectual property. Sterling Law can provide expert assistance with both aspects of the law. Protecting your intellectual property means that we will help you navigate the more complex parts of copyright law, as well as making sure what you wish to copyright is as clear as possible, to give you a fighting chance if your work is used unfairly. If someone tries to copy your work, pass it off as their own, or broadcast it to others without your consent, you want a team of experienced IP lawyers to help you get the most out of your protections.

    Unfortunately, copyright law can also be complex to deal with for genuine reviewers, researchers, critics, parodists, and academics. Sometimes, you may be threatened with a lawsuit even if the law is on your side – and you need to fight this off to ensure you are compensated fairly for this type of overreach. Honest mistakes are also possible by the claimant – but you need to make sure that you are not hurt by this mistake. Sterling Law will advise you on the correct actions to take, what rights you have, and how to pursue your case to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. For expert advice and assistance, come to Sterling Law.

    What is copyright infringement?

    The number of copyright infringements has expanded significantly with the advent of the internet. Previously, offenses were associated only with media material in the form of books, magazines, CDs, cassettes. Now more violations of intellectual property rights occur on the internet. This circumstance complicates the work of the lawyers tasked with protecting the rights of those who own content. The main violations in the field of intellectual property rights are:

    • making copies of the authors’ works without their permission;
    • illegal sale, transportation across the border, manufacture of counterfeit products;
    • placement in the public domain of works without the consent of the copyright holder;
    • violations of agreements with authors: delay in payment of remuneration, changes in the number of copies, etc.

    The copyright infringement attorneys of Sterling Law will figure out all the legal nuances.

    What is a copyright contract?

    A copyright contract is a lawful agreement between a copyright holder (the licensor) and a recipient (the licensee) in the United Kingdom. This contract permits the licensee to use the copyrighted material for specific purposes, which may include reproduction, distribution, or public performance.

    The contract may specify the scope of the licence, including the type of use (such as reproduction, distribution, or public performance), the duration of the licence, and any limitations or restrictions on use. The contract may also specify the amount of compensation or royalties that the licensee will pay to the licensor in exchange for the use of the copyrighted material.

    Copyright contracts can cover a wide range of creative works, such as music, literature, film, and software. They are important tools for managing the distribution and use of copyrighted materials, and can help ensure that copyright owners receive fair compensation for their work.

    How can we help?

    Sterling Law works with legal entities and individuals. Our team consists of professionals who understand all legal issues. We take on any complex cases and bring them to their logical conclusion. We do not divide copyright legal services into important and secondary. It is important for the Company to help the client, regardless of the nature of the case.

    Sterling Law is always ready to provide legal assistance in the protection of intellectual property rights. We will clarify incomprehensible issues in such a way that a person can fight for his or her rights with knowledge of the matter. We have formed a copyright attorneys’ team in London who can handle the most complex situations. There are situations when ignorance of the law leads to the suffering of the individual whose intellectual property rights have been violated. We are ready to take on the protection of the client or provide expert advice.

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