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    Kuldeep Clair

    Senior Solicitor Advocate

    The best possible professional service for clients, with a passion for justice, truth and human rights, is what we should be focused on.

    That is the simple principle that has guided Kuldeep S. Clair in his 25 years of post-qualification experience, whether working in private practice, local government, or the CPS.


    Since 2017, he has been the serious and heavyweight solicitor with Sterling Law, for clients with serious issues who want them resolved with the requisite technical knowledge, focus, negotiating skills, and cost-effective commercial awareness.  He adopts a ‘hands-on approach’ – his cases are dealt with fully by him – and not farmed off to anyone else.

    Kuldeep has previously worked as a Head of Department with an established London solicitors’ firm, and as a Senior Employment/Litigation Solicitor with two local authorities, each employing many thousand employees. He believes that experience advising on ‘both sides of the fence’ gives an invaluable rounded insight in resolving legal disputes.


    The fact that the vast majority of his clients come to him directly, and are repeat clients, or referred by previous ones, is a testament to Kuldeep’s standard of care and quality of professional service. The breadth and sheer variety of his practice, developed over 25 years includes:


    Commercial / contract law 

    Drafting, reviewing and advising on all kinds of agreements, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, consumer supply agreements, business-to-business contracts,  shareholders’ agreements, commercial and residential leases.


    Employment law

    Settlement agreements, drafting of employment contracts, advising on tribunal claims for unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination, disciplinary matters, grievances and all other aspects of employment law.


    Civil disputes and court claims

    Commercial litigation, consumer disputes over goods and services, landlord / tenant disputes, possession claims, money claims, defamation, court procedural issues on which you may need advice if you are already involved in a court claim.


    Family law

    Divorce, matrimonial financial claims, pre-nuptial agreements, consent orders, residence / contact disputes over children.  This category has formed a growing proportion of Kuldeep’s caseload, particularly in the last four years.


    Advocacy in court

    Kuldeep S. Clair is a skilled advocate in court in absolutely all of these fields, and regularly represents clients in court /tribunal hearings, whether opposed by unqualified ‘lawyers’, solicitors, counsel, or QCs.

    He advocates in court in the same way that he advises day-to-day; fearlessly and honestly, with a passion for justice, leaving no stone unturned to assist his client’s case.


    Would you seriously like to instruct Kuldeep?

    A five-minute initial chat to see if he can help is free. Full initial consultation for one hour is from £325 plus VAT.

    Kuldeep S. Clair can be contacted directly on kuldeep@sterlinglawyers.co.uk or 07484 614090.

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