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    Criminal Defence and Police Investigations

    Sometimes, unfortunate events occur. These can include being accused of a crime, or being part of a police investigation. The sooner you get on top of it, however, the more likely it is that you will have a fair and reasonable outcome – and Sterling Law is here to help at every point.

    Let’s first discuss the process of arrest – and where Sterling Law can come in and help. If you are arrested, you are typically taken to a police station, where you are held in custody and later questioned. If the police have kept you in custody for more than 24 hours, or 96 hours for a serious crime, such as murder, without charging you with a crime or releasing you, this is a violation of your civil rights, and you should contact our experts for assistance and legal recourse.

    (If you are arrested under the Terrorism Act, you can be held for up to 14 days without being charged, but this is only a small part of all arrests).

    If you are taken for questioning, make sure to contact us. Do not say anything to the police until you have your lawyer, as this may hurt your case in the future. You have the right to have your lawyer with you before being interviewed.

    Possible outcomes from being interviewed:

    • If all goes well, you will be released with no further action taken – the police have decided they either cannot realistically prove that you committed a crime, or that you did not commit the crime.
    • You may also be released under investigation – the police still suspect you have broken the law, but at the moment they do not have enough evidence to prove it. They may call you back in for questioning again, or may not. If you are called in for questioning again, be sure to contact us. Otherwise, you do not have to.
    • You should always contact us if:
    • You are released on bail, awaiting further inquiries
    • Charged with a crime – you will need legal defence in this situation especially.

    Why was I not granted bail?

    • It is not a guarantee that you will be given bail whilst awaiting further inquiries or a court session. You can be released on bail if you are charged with a crime, or you are suspected of committing one
    • Factors that can affect the likelihood of being bailed out include:
    • The severity of the crime – such as aggravated assault versus theft
    • Past criminal records
    • Failure to comply with bail positions in the past
    • Being a flight risk
    • Whether the police feel you may commit a crime whilst out on bail.

    What should I do if I am not granted bail?

    • You have the right to appeal if you feel that you have, unfairly, not been granted bail
    • Sterling Law can provide you with expert assistance in appealing your bail rule – this is important as trials can take up to 112 days from the point of being charged with a crime, and it is your right to be treated proportionally to what you are accused of, and not less fairly.

    We are a modern and innovative boutique law firm with a flexible «can-do» approach. Our cross-domain specialisation allows for seamless solutions whether you are a business or an individual, allowing us to solve most complex problems, where several areas of law are involved.

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