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    FinTech & Blockchain


    A widespread diffusion of the new technologies has resulted in their integration in all areas of business, while changing how companies operate and deliver value to their customers.

    Our dedicated team of lawyers have a deep experience with a wide range of technology solutions and offer a complete range of legal services tailored to specific industry.

    • Technology disputes
    • Mobile app and software development
    • Privacy and data protection
    • Litigation
    • Information security
    • Cyber legal issues
    • Licensing
    • Joint ventures and strategic alliances

    We are constantly curious about the developments in the this sector, therefore, our lawyers are continually gaining knowledge and expertise to be able to think ahead.



    With an increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, it has the potential to become the popular choice for payments, while large brands including Ebay and PayPal are already accepting payments in Bitcoins.


    What can Sterling Law offer?

    Current accounting systems were not necessarily designed to deal with virtual currencies, such as Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and Dash. Typically, challenges arise around calculating taxes for profits and gains.

    Our branch Sterling & Beanland Ltd.  has a specialist team of tax accountants solely for cryptocurrency, so we can account your Crypto gains and profits accurately.

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