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    Successful Global Talent Case for a Fintech Specialist

    Client Story: An Experienced Fintech Specialist

    We recently received an inquiry from a client who is an experienced Fintech specialist. Over her long career, she has made significant contributions to the development of digital payment products across the CIS region. It is worth noting that she worked for a large financial company and was not a business founder, but her career was closely related to the development, management, and launch of Fintech products. Moreover, the client had a significant media portfolio, spoke at conferences, mentored, and was featured in articles in major news publications.

    The Task: Creating the Case

    An important task was to correctly frame her case, collect the most necessary evidence and reference letters, and select the criteria. This case was complicated by the process of choosing the right criteria for the client. It was important to consider all available evidence and its content in order to present the client’s case as effectively as possible. The difficulty was that the client had evidence that could be used for several criteria at once, for example, media activity and mentoring.

    Choosing Criteria: A Crucial Step

    As you know, in addition to the main criterion (MC), an applicant for a Global Talent Visa must meet two additional criteria of their choice. There are four criteria:

    • OC1 – Contribution to innovation
    • OC2 – Contribution to the development of the sector outside of the main place of work
    • OC3 – Contribution to the development of the company and the sector as an employee or business founder
    • OC4 – Scientific contribution to the development of the sector

    In our case, despite the client’s contribution to the development of the sector through her mentoring activities and participation in conferences outside of her main place of work, it was decided to choose OC1 and OC3, and to use media documents to meet the main criterion.

    Document Preparation: Important Details

    After collecting the initial evidence and determining the criteria, we began the active process of preparing the documents. It is important here to correctly explain why and for what purpose each document is provided. It is no less important to act in accordance with the requirements of the official Tech Nation guidance and to format the documents in accordance with the established requirements (for example, all documents must be readable, not overloaded, not exceed three pages, and so on).

    Final Stage: Submitting the Application

    After a final call with the client and checking all the evidence, we completed the applications, made the Stage 1 payment and sent the application to Tech Nation for consideration.

    Result: Approval in Two Weeks

    Success was not long in coming. We received approval in just two weeks under the Exceptional Talent category. We are now preparing a Stage 2 application for our satisfied client. The process is not yet over, but the most important and difficult stage has already been passed. By the way, taking into account our client’s previous visa, she will be able to qualify for permanent residence in just one year, instead of the remaining three years on her visa, which makes the Global Talent an even more attractive route for professionals wishing to stay in the UK for permanent residence.

    Conclusion: The Importance of Legal Support

    Based on the foregoing, we would like to emphasise the importance of legal support in the visa application process. Sterling Law specialists have extensive experience in preparing and submitting Global Talent applications, and the number of our successful cases is in the hundreds. We do not guarantee approval, but we always guarantee that we will make every effort to obtain it. If you are interested in our services, please contact us at the specified contact details or take our short online test, and we will contact you.

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