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    Successful Global Talent Case for an Architect

    Aliya Rimshelis and her assistant Maksym Bondariev have achieved impressive success in obtaining a Global Talent visa for an exceptionally talented architecture client. This success story demonstrates the opportunities that the Global Talent program opens up for talented professionals.

    Global Talent Visa: A Chance for Talented Professionals

    The Global Talent visa in the UK is designed to attract talented individuals from around the world. This visa route offers the possibility of obtaining permanent residence for 3 or 5 years with subsequent citizenship.

    Benefits of the Global Talent Visa:

    • Accessibility and Simplicity: The visa fee is relatively low, and there are no complex obligations, such as investing in a business, creating jobs, or running an active business.
    • Achievement-based: The visa application is based on already achieved career successes and milestones.
    • Diversity of Fields: The visa is available to talented individuals from a variety of fields, including IT, science, research, culture, and art.

    How to Prepare a Successful Application

    One of the key steps in preparing an application is to correctly identify the client’s field of activity. It is important to focus on one area in order to highlight the most significant achievements.

    Stages of Application Preparation:

    1. Reviewing the client’s profile and achievements.
    2. Defining the field of activity: Architecture in this case.
    3. Collecting and formatting evidence: A critically important stage that requires careful preparation of documents and translation of articles.
    4. Forming and submitting the case for consideration.

    A Successful Architect’s Case

    We were approached by a client with an exceptional portfolio in the field of architecture. In addition to her incredibly well-developed architectural skills, she successfully led projects and made a significant contribution to the development of her company, being a talented artist, creating visual images and managing a team of graphic designers. Her projects have been featured in well-known media and have received critical acclaim from various fields, including architecture.

    Preparing the Case:

    • Reviewing the client’s profile and achievements: After a detailed study of our client’s profile and achievements, through the constant communication that we always maintain with our clients, we made a joint decision to rely on the client’s achievements in the field of architecture.
    • Collecting evidence: After clarifying all the initial details, we began active preparation of the case. This stage is one of the most important because the evidence you provide and how it is presented will have a critical impact on your success in the application. Each endorsing body has its own requirements and list of evidence, and it is very important that the applicant not only has talent but can also convince the endorsing body of it. The collection of all evidence, translations of articles, waiting for letters from recommenders and the process of organising the evidence took about two months.
    • Submission and Result: After the final approval of the case with the client, we submitted it for consideration. The result was not long in coming, and in less than a month our client received approval for the Global Talent visa, which will allow her to move to England and apply her exceptional talent there. We are now finalizing the second stage of obtaining a residence permit, but the most difficult stage has already been passed.

    Professional Assistance from Sterling Law

    Sterling Law provides assistance in preparing Global Talent visa applications in any field. Our experience working with business people, scientists and artists allows us to successfully build cases and achieve endorsements.

    Why Choose Us:

    • Experience and Knowledge: We know the requirements and criteria of each endorsing body.
    • Thorough Preparation: Our lawyers make every effort to present your achievements in the best possible light.
    • Support at Every Stage: We accompany the client at all stages of the application process.


    The process of applying for a Global Talent visa requires serious preparation of documents. Sterling Law is ready to help you with this difficult process, ensuring a successful presentation of your professional achievements.

    Contact us for professional assistance in obtaining a Global Talent visa and make your dream of moving to the UK a reality.

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