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    Securing Global Talent Endorsement for Director of Engineering

    Co-author Nelli Tesis.

    Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis tackled a high-profile case involving a tech applicant seeking Global Talent endorsement from Tech Nation. This client was a Director of Engineering and had a remarkable career marked by significant contributions to multiple leading digital technology companies.

    The client stood out not only for his leadership but also for his innovative achievements in hardware development. At one of the companies he worked for, he developed hardware systems that were unparalleled globally. These systems not only generated substantial revenue but also formed a critical component of a major cybersecurity initiative. Such accomplishments underscored his exceptional technical talent.

    Despite the client’s impressive technical background, the team initially faced concerns regarding the endorsement process. The main worry was that his lack of public recognition might hinder his chances. Technical experts often excel in their fields but may not always receive the publicity necessary to meet endorsement criteria. However, the client’s active participation in numerous conferences and cybersecurity round tables had a positive impact on his application.

    When the initial decision arrived, it confirmed that the client met the leadership and technical contribution criteria. However, the endorser did not fully recognise the innovative nature of the client’s projects, specifically the unique hardware systems he developed. This was a significant setback as the team believed these innovations were crucial evidence of the client’s exceptional talent.

    Determined to overturn the decision, Alexandra Mokrova and Nelli Tesis swiftly prepared an endorsement review within a few days. They emphasised the unprecedented nature of the client’s hardware systems, highlighting their uniqueness and the substantial revenue they generated. They argued that these facts should serve as clear evidence of innovation, especially considering the rapid and groundbreaking nature of the developed systems.

    As a result, the team’s efforts paid off. The team received a positive decision, acknowledging the client’s true innovative contributions. This victory not only validated the client’s extraordinary talent but also demonstrated the team’s expertise in navigating complex Global Talent endorsement processes.

    With the endorsement secured, the team is now focused on obtaining the Global Talent Visa for the client and a PBS Dependent Visas for his family.

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